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What appeals to you in a friend?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30674points) September 21st, 2010

Many people seem to fall into friendships and just naturally mesh. If you set out looking for friends, then that’s a different story. What do you look for? Interests? Age? Gender? Height? What?

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I’ve never go out trying to make friends, it just happens. Their age, gender, height, etc. has nothing to do with my friendships.

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A connection, that’s all it takes – if you click, you click!

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I want them to care about social justice and about others. I want intelligence.

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If you make me laugh & don’t mind listening to my waffle occasionally, then you’re in! :¬)

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If you are weird like me, funny, – cause you don’t some boring people who never TALK! , they could be shy am okay with that cause am pretty shy to in the beginning of something e.g when meeting new people am always so shy :/
Also you have to understand me cause lots of people think that am weird but it’s just who and how I am. I am popular, I don’t wear fancy, BRAND names, clothes. I just wear whatever I like.
I love myself. – but not ignoring other people and only about myself. EGOISM!
Height, religeon or whatever dooesn’t matter, what matter is their inside and how good of a friend they are.
I mean you would want to have a friend that is so popular that ignores you when you are hanging aroung the cool people. and later pretends to be soo good friends with you and blah!
arg! that annoys me, appreciate me for who I am not what I wear BITCH!

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Everyone is my friend until they give me a reason to dislike them.

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I tend to like people who are relatively near my age, are well-read, smart and funny.

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Funny, smart, kind and odd. lol

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Someone who doesn’t flake last minute, is genuine, and not worried about petty things. I often make friends with people in the same field as me- just cause of shared interests. I like to hang out with friends that are up for spontaneous fun as well as introspective conversation, but who don’t demand too much time or attention. I hate, hate, hate friends that call repeatedly or put me on a guilt trip if I don’t want to go out.

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loyalty and non flakiness. age, height, weight, appearance and gender, do not matter at all. having shared interests is nice but it’s also nice when you meet someone who is into totally different things. the most important thing lately for me is that friends are people who you don’t just hang out at bars with… people who will do that and other things too.

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Honesty & trust, when demonstrated allow me to consider you to be a friend… Compassion & tolerance too.. There is no room for ego’s……. :-/

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common interests, mainly. Most of my friends are people who happen to be interested in the same things as me and attend the same regular events that I attend.

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Humor and a good heart.

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The ability to talk with me on subjects of interest to us both. Be responsible.

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It doesn’t matter to me. I do find myself attracted to energetic, confident people though.

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We all have work friends, social friends, school friends, and neighborhood friends in which we share things and interests in common. But of these, I have found a few that I believe genuinely care about me and love me. I am not sure how I know this other than the fact that I trust them and feel comfortable enough around them that I can let my guard down and bear my heart to them.

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Good hugs. Smart as the dickens. Has something to teach me and something they can learn from me (that should go both ways). Laugh at my jokes. Pun. Make me laugh. Come with me when I want to go camping to wade around in a swamp catching bugs. Enjoy it! Loves me and my nerdiness. Be open minded. Lets me use them as a pillow and understands my occasional lack of a personal bubble. Puts up with how I am a hardcore environmentalist who gave up disposable plastic and always had go specify at restaurants to make sure they don’t give me any. Listen to my tirades. Play like we are still ten.

Applications can be slid under my office door.

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- Someone you feel “at home” with and not annoyed by every second.

- Someone who knows when to shut their mouth and just listen. There are times when I’m not even looking for advice but just someone to vent to/lean on that will at the very least smile and wish me the best through my troubles. That much alone really goes a long way for me.

- Someone with similar interests – or similiar enough that we can keep each other entertained. Though I have a broad array of “types” of friends, someone I could do things with and not want to hang myself (and vice-versa).

- Someone who is a good conversationalist. My friendships rarely begin with someone whom I’ve had nothing to talk about with.

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I like a friend who is typically a little more chatty than I am. I don’t always talk a lot so it’s nice if they like to talk.

It helps if they’ve been through some similar life experiences, but it’s not necessary.

Someone a little dorky like me. That isn’t prissy and high maintenance.

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Number one and lastly, a friend wants me to feel better about my day.

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Integrity, intelligence, humor, self awareness and emotional/mental health.

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