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Have you ever had a close friend move away while you were in school?

Asked by Piper (472points) September 21st, 2010

One of my best friends is going to move to Iowa this winter break. :(

I just feel awful about it. I know that’s where she’s originally from and all her family is there, but I almost can’t believe this is happening. How do you feel better about this kind of thing? Did you keep in touch still with someone who moved away? Did you get to still stay friends with them?

I really don’t want to lose her forever. :(

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After freshman year of college, I moved back to NY from Florida. My best friend was distraught and didn’t talk to me for months. This is an example of how to NOT react. After some time had passed, we began to talk again and have seen each other at least once. We still talk occasionally, almost 5 years later.

I highly recommend staying in touch… email, facebook, call each other a few times a week. The friendship will change but you can still talk and visit. Just because they’re moving, doesn’t mean they are disappearing from earth.

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This is part of life. You just learn to deal with it.

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I had a really good friend in 6th and 7th grade, but then, come to find out, as I entered 8th, he had moved away. No one really knew where he went off to. So now, about 12 years later, I have been searching for him on Facebook and finally found his brother! I’m just waiting for him to make an account for himself.

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Our family moved every 2–3 years between K-9 grades. It is a whole lot easier now than it used to be to keep in touch.

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It is easier to keep in touch now than it was 20 years ago. I moved away from my best friend when I was 13. We talked on the phone and I made the trek out to visit her a few times by bus. But it seemed that it was always me making the effort and eventually I stopped. I was crushed as she was my intellectual equal and we really were close.

I’m still in contact with her today but just as it was when we were 13 I make all the effort.

Today, with Facebook, e-mail, skype etc. It is easy to keep in meaningful contact.

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Beign the Navy kid it was always me that was moving. I remember leaing my very first school and first best friend, I was distraught at the time but 20 years later, we are still in touch.

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