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Should I exercise on the Lemon Cleanse/Lemonade Diet/Burroughs Cleanse?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) September 21st, 2010

This isn’t about whether I should do the diet itself. I am doing it and it has been used effectively for decades. This is about exercise.

I have done the Lemon Cleanse before (also known as the Lemonade Diet). I’ve done it three times, actually. It’s tough, but works. I found it to really help with cleansing out the system and shedding weight, too. I did my regular exercise back then (Pilates and aerobics) but it was a real struggle to do so. (I exercise almost every day.)

I have found out since doing the last Lemon Cleanse (about 18 months ago) that exercising does not really help with accelerating your cleansing/weight loss at all. I just feel like I want to do the cleanse and not exercise this time as it seems to wipe me out completely. But I feel like I will really fall off the exercise wagon (and throw in some guilt with that) if I take time off to just concentrate on healing and resting my body. Some people have lots of energy and keep doing their regular workout. From my experience, for myself, I have not found that to be true. I feel okay, but not with a lot of energy reserves.

Has any one else used the Lemon Cleanse and not exercised with it? How did it affect you…your health and your success on it?

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Always talk to your doctor before making any changes in your diet or level of exercise. Only a medical professional familiar with your condition can answer this question.

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Exercise is always good. Human beings were designed to move.

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Perhaps you could just reduce your exercise routine, rather than eliminate it altogether. Maybe take a leisurely walk every other day or so.

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That’s exactly what I did @augustlan. I just am doing half the workout I used to do. I’m on my third day.

Thanks everyone for your answers! Lurve coming… you.

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I’ve never head of the Lemon Cleanse, but if I were you I’d the concept by a doctor. Also, if you’ll looking to cleanse yourself, what you probably need to do is eat more fiber. Buy fiber powder at your local drug store, eat an apple every morning, eat a banana every day, etc.

If you want to be in great shape you must exercise, eat healthier and eat lighter. Exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise, can boost your stamina over time, but exercise alone will NOT provide you with all-day energy. However, if you’re taking in a good dose of the required daily vitamins and protein, that might give you the energy you’re looking for. It won’t happen overnight however. Get into the habit of it and compare your results in three months.

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I read The Detox book. I think the Lemon diet is great. I do it one week every six months now and the first time I did it for 21 days straight. That was hard but I really needed to get rid of the toxins.
To answer you question, no you really shouldn’t exercise durning the clease because you are consuming so few calories and very little vitamins to replenish those lost during exercise. If you really want to exercise so you don’t fall off out of practice do some light yoga or streching exercises only.
Also you should know that this is not a good weight-loss diet. Although you will loose a lot of weight while on the diet ( I lost 30 lbs the first time) it is mostly water weight and you gain almost 80% of it back if you go back to your normal diet. It’s also not healthy to go longer than 21 days so don’t continue it any longer. You have to rememeber the goal is a colon cleanse and not specifically for weight loss.

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