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How many mirrors do you have in your house?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) September 21st, 2010

I have moved house and have survived with none at all for a few weeks.

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I have a mirror in every single room of my house, including my kitchen and dinette.

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Houses and apts. I’ve lived in have always had a mirror over the sinks in the bathrooms. Aside from those then I usually put up a mirror over a sideboard in the dining area and one on a wall to throw light in/open up the living areas. I have antique vanity/dressers that have attached mirrors in each bedroom.

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We have about 7 in our house.

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I have a large, beautiful gilded frame mirror in my room, courtesy of my mom. My cousin may have one in his bedroom, but I haven’t gotten a good look in there. There are two in the main house in the bathrooms, though I hadn’t even realized there wasn’t a mirror in the living areas until just now. My mom loves mirrors and I’m used to having several all over the house. I have to admit they do enhance a living space.

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I have full length sliding mirror doors in one bedroom, and wall mirrors in each of the two bathrooms. There is also a full length mirror on one bathroom door.

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Two in the bathroom.

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6, 7 counting the one in my purse, which, of course, goes in and out with me. . . .but when I’m in the house, then there are seven, so I think it counts, huh?

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Seven but one is a duplicate and sits in a closet.

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I had to run around the house to count. 5.

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i have 4 in my tiny studio. the house i grew up in had SOO many, my parents entire bathroom was mirrored (no paint, or wall paper, just mirrors, ceiling too) – it was kindaa crazy.

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One over the sink in each (two) bathroom, one in the entryway, one in the living room (it’s on a back wall in a decorative frame and I don’t think anyone has ever looked into it), and one full-length mirror in our bedroom. That one was a gift from my husband. It’s oval shaped, framed in wood, in a stand that rests on the floor, and looks old-fashioned.

I guess there are a couple of small mirrors in compacts in my make-up bag, but I very rarely use them.

Oh, there are also mirrors in the kids’ rooms. Each of their dressers (three of them) have large mirrors attached to the tops. Besides that, my daughter’s desk has a mirror on it. It’s more of a “dressing table” than a desk, but she does her homework there so we call it a desk.

So, eight total, not counting make-up compacts because I am too lazy to go dig them out and count them. I’d be surprised if there were more than two.


2 one in each bathroom

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I have no idea and I don’t even want to think about it enough to figure it out.

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I have one in each bathroom, so two. Thank god, I wouldn’t want anymore.

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I have 3 that are mounted and one lying on a bed.

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@wundayatta How about just counting them?

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3.Hmmm I need to buy some mirrors.

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Two. One in the bathroom and one in the bedroom.

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Two. One above the bathroom sink and a tiny hand mirror. Yes, this means I frequently have no idea what the full effect of an outfit I wear is.

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