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What would you do if Fluther ceased to exist?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) September 21st, 2010

I always like to prepare for anything and am looking for other Jellies thoughts on the what if!!

Would you migrate over to another site??

Would you spend more time doing chores? Study more??

Become salesman of the year for your company?

Clip coupons??

How would you spend all your free time?

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Probably get addicted to the second best thing after Fluther, porn.
I would find another site that interests me, to spemd more time on, like Lifehacker.
Or like i did some years ago, be a member of SensibleErection again.

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Like Calvin’s dad said,...and somehow, life goes on.

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I’d communicate with my Jelly peeps on Facebook.

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Oh, who am I kidding. I’d go over to The Experience Project.

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Well, I managed to get along without Fluther for the first….. several years of my life. I guess I’d survive. Especially since I have the email addresses of some key Jellys.

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Gnash teeth, rend garments, find a support group and then move on.

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@gailcalled If you find a good support group….please pm me!

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Meeting places have been established and are running well.

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Play more video games. I don’t let anything on the web interfere with my normal life.

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Read a book or two, make more of an effort to socialize?

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I’d probably read more often.

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I’m sure I’d find another website to keep my attention instead.

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I’d go outside and realize how much has changed… “Oh hey, it’s Fall time!”

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I’d probably get more work done.

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Write a lament for Fluther

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^ Hmm, either that or an obituary that can be sent out to all members when the site has the plug pulled. A Jelly could write it and Jeruba, if not the author, can edit it. It should include a link to a site where we can post our condolences…some sort of internet funeral home site.

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I’d go back to my previous procrastination tool- TV.

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