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What is it you like about your present home?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) September 21st, 2010

What do you like about living where you are and I mean not just your house but its location and nearby facilities. You chose to live here are you pleased with your choice?

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I love living so close to our nation’s capitol. There is so much to see and do around here. I like the fact that our complex has a large pool.

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Yes, I love where I live and rarely complain about anything.

I am on a 5 acre property boundaried by three 10 acre parcels on a dead end road with 20 acres of raw forest land right across the road.

A very rural high foothill environment, yet, I am only 20 minutes from 2 small cities with all amenities and less than an hour to the big city.

I enjoy a great local community of state parks and a beautiful river, rafting in the summers, snow sometimes in the winter, peaceful, safe, serene, wildlife galore and virtually zero crime. A perfect situation for me!

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I like that our neighborhood is quiet even though it’s in a typical subdivison. I picked it primarily because it’s close to my SO’s work and it’s close to his kids’ old neighborhood and friends. Basically I picked the area for my SO and his kids and I picked the house for me. Like any suburb, it’s gone a ton of restaurants and stuff nearby which don’t mean that much to me, the greenery does appeal to me though and also the lowered car insurance rates :)

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That it’s my home. The location is nearly perfect, and I am trully greatful.

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I love how lived in my house has become over the years. I know when I move out, my place will be neatly organized but I love the organized chaos of my current home (picture the Weasley’s Burrow – it’s a bit like that except there’s not much magic going on here.) I enjoy the quietness of our complex, that we don’t live too far away from my grandmother’s house, our library (the workers there have watched me grow up), and I like the diversity. You run into all kinds of people here.

There’s a lot I don’t like, but it’s home.

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It’s old and it’s made with the kind of craftsmanship they had 100 years ago. It also has the troubles of a 100 year old house. It was built to last—but not this long. But taking care of it makes us feel good.

It’s beautiful. Full of dark chestnut and lighter oak and patterned floor patterns.

The neighborhood was very tight when we first moved here, but it has slowly stopped being so tight. But as that has happened, it’s also become a happening neighborhood. We have all kinds of new restaurants and several yoga studios and several coffee shops. We had none of these things ten years ago. It’s been an amazing change and makes it so we don’t ever have to leave to get the things we want.

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I am living in my dream house, four bedrooms with a pool in the back and room for my children, grandchildren and pets to roam in the fenced yard. There are two patios with sliding glass doors, and a courtyard entry in the front.

I am one mile in each direction from convenient shopping. We can leave our garage door open all day while I am home without fear of problems, and the toddlers can play in the fenced front yard with the dog.

The only drawback is that we are two hours from the ocean.

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@wundayatta I love patterned patterns. Can there be a finer kind of pattern?

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@CyanoticWasp Patterns within patterns. Wheels within wheels. Houses within homes. But they are MINE, all MINE! And yoiu can’t have any!

My Mom always said I didn’t share too good in pre-school

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I love my house. It was a 1905 country store. It has so many little nooks and crannies and tiny shelves everywhere that accomodate all our little odds and ends so well. It’s perfect. It’s colorful inside, thanks to us. It feels very cozy. I couldn’t love it anymore.

I like the town, Boulder, because it’s young and there is a lot of energy here. There is an awesome major city nearby and a mile from my house I’m into the wilderness and can hike for as long as my heart desires. And the views from the top are amazing. There’s a lot going on. The town as a whole is very environmentally conscious. Its cool.

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My house has plenty of voltage to power my guitars, WiFi and the refrigerator…I am a happy camper! ;)

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I have lots of land compared to newer city lots, driveway, wonderful neighbors, and I know my way around in the dark. The house is 50 years old, no cracks but the plumbing is going wonky. The area was great for my kids, elementary on one side, middle school on the other and a Macs store down the road. And pretty much a no crime zone.

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What can i say, other than ITS PAID FOR!

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What don’t I like? It’s ginormous, it has 2 acres of land in a suburban setting, pool house that’s big enough to be its own house, huge pool, nice landscaping, and inside it’s really amazing of course. My own room with its own bathroom and walk-in closet. It’s a fucking dream. But it’s my parents’ house. I didn’t choose it and I know I’ll never have anything this nice when I’m an adult, but I still technically live here. :)

It’s in a suburb and very close to big businesses and shops. Lots to do here; it’s a very nice area. There’s basically nothing to dislike about it. Which is why I’m going to have a hard time finding a place to live in in the future… :(

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I like the playground that is right behind our house. My son can go outside and play out there all day when it’s nice out and he loves it.

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I am half hour away from the beach and three hours away from Orlando.I can go to theme parks for the day. I have filled my home with things I love and have made it cozy.

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• We bought it when we were young and have a decent mortgage, so there’s a chance I’ll have it paid off before I die.

• We’re five minutes from the highway, shopping and a fairly nice lake.

• We’re also thirty minutes outside of the city in a straight shot.

• My property taxes and water bill are inexpensive.

• My house sits almost on the apex of three town borders. My address is in one town, my phone number is of another and third’s border is across the street.

• It’s a good sized corner lot. I joke that’s it’s too much grass, but if I had the money to landscape it properly, I’d probably love it.

• My neighbors, while very much unlike us, are nice people who keep to themselves.

• We rebuilt the house ourselves. It started as a one floor ranch; we turned it into a 2½ floor colonial. I designed it myself and we did some of the finish work ourselves (and I still have at least three more remodeling projects I’d like to get to someday).

• Our remodeling inspired all but one of our neighbors to make additions & improvements of their own – so our little corner (at least) looks pretty good.

• We have lots of room to entertain inside or out and there’s plenty of parking for guests.

• The train station (that goes into the city) is only a mile away. The train actually passes by the end of my street, which is nice to hear in the distance.

• I have a clear view of the woods about 100’ away – through my neighbor’s very open yard (while I actually dislike the woods, it’s nice enough from a distance).

Come to think of it, the only thing I really dislike is the neighborhood. It’s pretty white bread, non diverse, conservative; the schools and town government are antiquated/useless – but we compensate for that by socializing and schooling the munchkin in other cities.

So, overall, it’s pretty good.

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I ask the question because I have just moved to a fairly modest dwelling but one which suits me very well. It is close by a pool a library and a supermarket. There are lots and lots of cafes and restaurants nearby all within walking distance and there is a very extensive system of canal towpaths and cycleways nearby which lead into very beautiful open countryside. My flat is modern, quiet and a good size for my needs.The only downside so far is a noisy plumbing system and wonky patio doors.

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My house is a 1920s Arts and Crafts house, so it’s got quite a bit of simple charm… but it’s also falling apart around us. I love the wood floors, the fact that it’s paid for, and most of all, the people who live in it. :)

I don’t much like the location of the house at all. I live in an area with virtually no zoning laws, so while my house is convenient to grocery shopping and major highways, it is also literally two doors from a pawn shop. At the other end of this small residential block, there is a dentist office, an insurance company and a car rental place. It’s… weird.

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@augustlan “1920s Arts and Crafts house” Thats sounds cute. I love older houses. They have so much more character.

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I love the fact that I live in an old Victorian house (well, I live in five rooms out of 15). It’s old fashioned and comforting.

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Like? It’s gated with a guard. Nice feeling. There is a golf course within a 5 min golf cart drive within the neighborhood. The pool, which serves food to your table is 3 min from the house.
We have trash pickup twice weekly at the driveway, a sprinkler system, a whole-house generator that is automatic, oak and tile floors, 3 min from a large lake no one uses which is weird, a gorgeous Neiman Marcus chandelier. It has a 2 car enclosed garage.
If I could transport it to @Coloma ‘s property it would be close to perfect. lol But since it has this particular setting I wouldn’t mind moving.

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