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Any examples on how to start my college resume essay?

Asked by izziee (1points) September 21st, 2010

I am having problems with starting my college resume essay. It should not be an autobiography right? If anyone has tips or examples it be really great.

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Does the college you intend to send it to have a prompt on their website? They usually have some kind of guidelines to get you started. It should not be an autobiography though – you are absolutely correct about that. Colleges are looking for skills, interests, and personality traits that makes a good student a good student. You should write about something that either had a profound impact on who you are as a person in general (that still has some relation to who you are as a student) or an academic-related interest particularly one rooted to your intended major.

It’s all really vague unless you know who you are sending it to.

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thank you very much, you really helped me.

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use a quote or a stat. my essay was about how i came to the idea of going into the field of mathematics.
The subject, that about four out of ten Americans hate, is the one that I am going to dedicate my life to. Math is well known for either being like or hated. I like math.

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