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When your water breaks what does it feel like?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) September 21st, 2010


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That’s about it.

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I don’t know what it “feels” like but it sounded like a muffled plastic sandwich baggie popped under the blankets when my first let me know my life as I knew it was over.

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it will run down on your legs…:)
are you in pre-labor, darling?

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Painless but very liquid.A deluge rather than a slow leak.

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PS. When I delivered my first child, I was in mild labor and at home for 10 hours and then in heavy labor at the hospital for 1. My water broke on the delivery table.

With my second, my water broke at 3:00 AM while I was sleeping.

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@gailcalled – Was your first born with a caul?

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Since I don’t know what a caul is, I suppose not. He did have lovely dark hair and long eyelashes.

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A caul is when the baby’s born with the amniotic sac over its face. Happens sometimes when the water breaks during delivery.

In some cultures it’s a sign of tremendous luck, in others it’s a curse.

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I distinctly heard a “pop”. And then..water.

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My youngest is 29 now and I remember standing in front of a hallway mirror combing my hair and all of a sudden I felt water running down my leg. Just like that, nothing else…just wet legs.

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3 kids and it never happened to me. Each time the doctor did it.

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It feels different for different people – could be a big whoosh, could be a trickling down. Both times, the docs broke my water.

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I heard nothing, but there was a great rush of wet down my legs and onto the floor, and I remember a great feeling of relief because my size shrunk, and there was a lot less pressure on my cervix. I was as home and not in regular labour yet. Just like in the movies, where her water breaks and that’s the first sign she’s going into labour. Dramatic, but all smiles….

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I was induced, which for me was like being thrown against a wall with every contraction, then my water finally broke what a weird saying and it was a lovely relief. Lessened the pain and pressure by a bunch.

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Like @faye, my water didn’t break on its own. The doctor did it each time. I guess you could hold a small water balloon between your legs and then pop it. The sensation would be similar. Just a painless gush of water.

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It felt like a container of warm water I was holding low on my body
had it’s bottom break out. wish I had stated this better

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@curlyz No, I was just wondering what it would feel like if it happened.

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