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If you had to choose between climbing the tallest tree, or going down a mine shaft, which one would you choose?

Asked by RANGIEBABY (2097points) September 21st, 2010

With a tree, you have the fear of heights and making your way back down.
With the mine shaft, you have the claustrophobia thing, and the fear of it caving in.

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Can I climb up the tree and parachute into the mine shaft? That would be awesome.

I’d be up for either but if I could only do one I would climb the tree. Better view.

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I would cut down the tree with my chain saw and build cribbing for the mineshaft.

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I absolutely abhor both and just get jazzed doing either! I hate going deep into caves but love the discovery element of the unseen beauty below and I have climbed mountains and ginormous trees and even though I hate those high precarious places but I love the view and will do it any time I get the chance.

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I’m not particularly afraid of heights or claustrophobic. So I would come at it from a risk/reward standpoint. Most mines are dug because there is something of considerable value down there to be brought up. So down the hole I would go, with a good flashlight alone to see what I might see.

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Climbing the tree. I hate rats. The thought I may run into an animal in the cave would keep me out. Plus they aren’t all airy, you don’t know if there are any toxic fumes and they get quite chilly. I’ve actually climbed trees as a kid. Great getting up them. Not so great getting out.
I’ve been to caves but no mine shafts. Mine shaft are unpredicable so I rather be where I would still have options to get away.
I really can’t see where I may be tempted at my age now to do either!
For now I can probably still climb but as I age I guess my only choice will be the cave.
BTW the branches on that tree better be within reach. I’m quite small and I’m sure my arms won’t fit around any trunck, much less a huge tree.

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Down the mine shaft. (:

I’m more afraid of going down the mine shaft, so perhaps by going in it my fear of it would go away. (:

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Tree. Definitely

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I’m not really afraid of heights or tight spaces, but I think I’m more likely to fall off a tree than a mine is to collapse. I’ll take the mine.

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Tree – I’m not afraid of heights, but I have claustrophobic tendencies.

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One of my biggest fears is a potentially oxygen-deprived environment. I will never go Scuba diving, at least without having a massive panic attack and drowning – which is exactly what I’m afraid of happening in the first place.

I’ve been in a cave before… kind of. I went to Ruby Falls. It seemed to be a very stable natural cavern, so I didn’t have much of a problem. Mines, however, are almost categorically unstable.

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Tree because I’m more claustrophobic than I am afraid of heights.

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I’d rather climb the tree.

Panoramic view of the surrounding areas, much lower chance of encountering toxic gases, and no known chance of a cave in.

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Easy! You’re not going to find diamonds etc up a tree!

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@faye That’s exactly how I looked at it.

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Hmm, I’m leaning a bit more towards going down…

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I’d climb the tree

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Tree! Just think about the kinds of wildlife that I could find up there!

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I would climb a tree. I would probably get up to the top but would be stuck and have to call 911 to get down.

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Either for me. I prefer the tree though after some of the cave ins recently…

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Tree. No doubt. The view would be the thing for me. And I’d bring my camera.

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Me wanna climb a tree & be like Mr.Tarzan. Or a fwuffy squirrel. Like me, they love to handle their nuts with care. A common bond which i’m sure will see us through our tree climbing enterprise.

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Mine shaft. I’m not strong enough to make it up the tallest tree (379.1ft, mostly bare redwood bark), and mines are pretty safe – cave-ins are a possibility, but fatigue is an eventuality.
If they were offering a mechanized lift, then I’d go with the tree.


I would definitely take the tree. I loved climbing trees and anything else I could find to climb when I was young. The thought of going in a mine shaft, gives me visions of going on the space mountain ride at Disney. Dark, unknown things ahead.

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No problem with either, actually. Though I am not a thrill seeker anymore, I could probably bungee or rappel from the top of the tree into the cave, spelunking away happily, or, alternately, hike down to the bottom of the cave and slingshot up to the top of the tree.

Then I woke up, and again couldn’t find my glasses and teeth.

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