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Does the Google Street View Camera Car continually update its photos?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) September 21st, 2010

I was curious to find out if the Google Camera Car for Street View…comes around again after its first shot of houses, streets buildings to update the maps. I imagine it would have to to keep current photos of new edifices/streets.

Anyone know?

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Yeah, they update every once in a while, not sure how often. It takes a pretty long time from when they take the pictures and actually update the maps, though. I saw one of the cars while I was riding my bike once, so I knew I was photographed. I kept checking the spot on street view until it was updated, and it was several months.

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I believe they update less than once a year, probably more likely every third or fourth year. They probably have more information on their site.

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They have a lot of ground to cover, including many places that have no street views. Wait a year at least before expecting a return.

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well, the cars have not come to my area yet, they have come to the other side of the island, but not this side. however, the satelite pictures they are using for my area are at least 10 years old. i know that for a fact because there are missing buildings, dirt roads that are now big streets and all kinds of other anomalies.

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They must do so on a fairly regular basis in large metropolitan areas. I had checked my place on Google Street view, and the picture shown appeared to be of recent vintage, as recent construction was completed in it. Then shortly after, I saw the car go by rephotographing our street.

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There was a post on Reddit where someone had the car come past. They checked everyday and it took about three months for it to show up. I think they were in Boston.

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Yeah, although the majority of the thousands of miles of roads are relatively old and give a somewhat washed out low-quality image. In major cities however they have what appears to be high-definition image quality, as in you can make out every individual brick in a building and other little intricacies really pop out at you.
Bing maps (msn) now has road view that is even better quality than google, as it appears to actually be shot in hdr (high dynamic range) although it is still very limited in range.

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