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Can a person eat too much liver?

Asked by Pandora (27849points) September 21st, 2010

I love liver but I am always concerned with eating too much of it since it is rich in vitamins.
So can you eat too much?
And if you can. What is too much?

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Yes. Liver is very rich in vitamins (namely iron and vitamin A), but it’s also the organ responsible for metabolism of all sorts of different toxins and bad stuff you don’t want in your body. Don’t worry too much about it though. As long as you don’t have it every day, you should be fine. People have been eating liver for a long time, and I haven’t heard of any serious complications. That said, just be careful.


The only thing I see that could be dangerous is the high cholesterol in liver. If you eat it everyday, you might end up increasing your blood cholesterol levels quite a bit. And we know that cholesterol in excess is not good. Yes, it is nutritious, so it’s okay if you eat it just occasionally, like once or twice a week. I love fried liver with bacon bits and onions!

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Anything in excess is bad, old grandma teachings :)

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Liver is rich in iron. too much iron is bad for you.

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My brain only retains bits of knowledge so… Explorers trying to find one of the Poles ate too much bear liver and sickened, some (all?) died. It was from the Vitamin A overdose. What would be the symptoms of eating too much iron?

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I love liver also, but rarely eat it. Very fattening, high cholesterol, and too much iron.

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Thank you all.
Some interesting stuff. I didn’t know that liver was high in cholesterol.
@faye, I remember seeing that. It is because polar bear and seal liver are too rich in vitamins. They are not able to be digested by people.
@plethora, I am not the only person who loves liver. I know a few other peole who love it too. Just not in my home. Unfortunely, Liver today comes in packages of 4. I hate to throw any away. You never want to defrost it and then freeze it again or cook it all and save some for the next day. I doesn’t hold up well. (btw, some people don’t realize that liver has a thin membrane skin on it that must be removed before cook, or it is rubbery and tasteless. Which is why, I think a lot of people don’t like it. So many people tell me they hate that it is rubbery. Once you remove the skin it is soft and delicious.)
@Ben_Dover Yum! Although, I like it with just the onions and lots of it. :D

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Doesn’t too much liver cause gout? Or am I thinking of something else..

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@isuppose I’ve heard that too. I think a lot of things can cause of exacerbate gout, but liver is one of them.

Coloma's avatar…so, I am realizing that I definitely have liver discrimination tendancies. lol

Yep, I am aware that those that like liver have a special little nook in my subconscious vault of judgements. hahaha

I wonder if I could ever be friends with a liver lover?

It would have to be with the agreement that I would never, EVER have to watch you eat liver!

The line about removing the skin to get to the tenderness..well…more than I ever wanted to know about liver prep. Aaaaah…

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@Coloma I can think of something more is really gross to eat. Balut!

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