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Is she "into me" ?

Asked by Gonetilnovember (5points) September 21st, 2010 from iPhone

So one of the girls in my geometry class just randomly went up to me took one of my earbuds stuck
it in her ear and started listening to my music. She’s been listening to my music at every break and lunch since. Opinions? What’s going on? Does she like me?

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Well, she doesn’t not like you, that’s for sure! Ask her out.

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Sounds like it. Ask her if she wants to hear more stuff after class sometime.

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Ooh! Better idea! Make her a mix cd of your music and say you’ll only give it to her if she goes out to coffee with you.

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I think she like your music. I agree with @delirium; you should talk to her more about the music or maybe things you have in common? From there, only time will know. (:

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Flirting comes in many forms. you are experiencing one now. if she is not flirting with you, then she is out to steal your music. beware!!

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Maybe she likes music…your music.

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Yes, I think she likes you and this is her way of letting you know it. Just go with the flow. Start talking to her about the music you listen to and talk about how cool it is that the two of you clearly like the same type of music.

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