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Is there a town in the northeastern United states or southeastern Canada that is like the town in the t.v. series Northern exposure?

Asked by stagayote54 (123points) September 21st, 2010

Looking for a real life town with “atmosphere” like the town in Northern Exposure.

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Wikipedia says Roslyn, Washington.

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When you say “atmosphere,” do you mean the climate and appearance, or are you asking where to find quirky people?

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If there is such a place, I suspect it would be in Vermont or Maine. Possibly upstate New York. If you bankroll me, I’d be happy to do the research on this.

I don’t know anything about Canada other than the US wears it like a hat. And some good comedians come from there.

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California and Washington state are North but they aren’t very East.

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Looking at the thread again, I suspect the question was edited to specify NE after the first few answers, I am sure you all know geography as well as I do and i should have refrained from pointing out the obvious.

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Where to find Quirky people in a New England town (Or a SE Canadian town across the border), surrounded by nature, that hasn’t a touristy feel…

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