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How much time do you spend on Fluther?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30653points) September 22nd, 2010

You can tell us in minutes or hours per day, week, or month.

Are you spending too much time here, or would you like to spend more time?

Is it time well spent?

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Way, way, way too much. I should really stop spending as much time on here and do things like studying and cleaning and going to bed at a healthy time.

Oh well.

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It varies. I come and go. Mostly I look for the dark “Comments for you” Then I might stick around for a few minutes. Some day I will try to add it up to see how guilty I really am.
I could say I learning… Yea that’s it. This is educational…
It makes up for the philosophy courses I didn’t take in school while studying physics.

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Somewhere between inordinate & too much :¬)

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Just enough to still enjoy it each day

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In cumulative minutes (I check in fairly often, but don’t stay too long each time) probably an hour. Sometimes, if I’m following a thread or two closely, much more. And for some silly reason, if there’s a Jelly party, I can’t bear to leave! @hawaii_jake ‘s luau had me here for hours! In RL I’m also one of the last to leave a good party…

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@worriedguy Yes I’m with you there… it’s educational ... and fun! LOLL

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A little too much.

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I spend about an hour each morning here. When I get my new hip, will not be here as much.

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I’m on Fluther constantly throughout the day. I would imagine some days it adds up quite a bit.

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Too much, especially while at work.

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Too many hrs per day than I care to think about.

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TOOO MUCH, The other night I had to sleep at 2!!! Just because fo Fluther and Youtube !

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Never too much Fluther.

OH… MY.. GOD!!!

I need help.

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I’m usually on about 30 minutes out of every hour, in between household tasks, from the time I wake up (around 11 am – noon) until I go to bed (2 am – 3 am), so accumulative 7 hours or so.

Sometimes that is just looking in to see any new submissions for a few minutes, so maybe closer to 6 hours.

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I guess I’ll have to revise my earlier statement. I seem to have spent a huge amount of time here today. I can tell cuz my butt’s sore from sitting on this stupid chair.

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I used to be on here every single afternoon until last Christmas, but now I’m hardly on more than once a week.

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@JilltheTooth lmao! I know exactly what you mean.

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Way, Way too much.

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About an hour on normal days. Sick days or just “me time” days, probably like 4 hours spaced out. And other days, none at all. Wish I could spend more time cause I just want to soak it all up! I really do learn a lot here, but I feel like I have accomplished nothing when I fluther too much (or is there such a thing?)

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It often depends on the questions. Some evenings Fluther is on fire! and I can’t leave.

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I used to say, “Way too much.” Now, it’s my job to be here. No more guilt! :D

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Alot! I don’t feel guilty, because I enjoy it. I’m new here. This site is awesome :)

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I’m a newbie but i think I’m spending a L0T of time on here.

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@lovable : Welcome to Fluther. Enjoy!

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Thank you. I will. :)

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