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What's a good website for baking recipes?

Asked by andrew (16380points) March 15th, 2007
I'm looking for a stellar red velvet cupcake recipe but I don't know what site to trust.
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a couple weeks ago there was a recipe for red velvet cake in the New York Times online; it looked amazing. I'm sure you can still find it on their website by searching for it.
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NYT Feb.14th, but unless you can find the paper at library or on the bottom of canary's cage, it is inaccessible. Times now charges for NYTimesSelect....flagship columnists and other articles of interest. You can pay per year or get this recipe (which is Select) for $4.95. It had better be a mighty good cake for that. And why bother w. red food dye when there are wonderful chocolate cakes w/o that ingredient?
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Because then it wouldn't be red-velvet cake, it'd be buttermilk-chocolate cake. Though green food coloring might be a good idea for St Patty's day.
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food coloring is just vegetable-based dye. i say make 'em every color of the rainbow.
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Would red-velvet taste any better than buttermilk-chocolate, which sounds pretty good? I use food coloring mixed w. water in an oil lamp to match some old bristol glass. I bought the coloring before 1965, I remember, so probably wouldn't want to eat it, whatever the original. source.
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The Times doesn't charge for Times select if you (or someone you know) has a .edu email address.
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i like you can search by ingredient. etc.
millie's avatar just had a great red velvet cake recipe too. and I'll bet Martha Stewart has done the cupcake version at some point
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food network has some decent recipes, but the best is cooks illustrated on line. It is a pay service although they occasionally have recipes for free on their site.
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