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How many times do you have to type in something before iphones keyboard stops trying to correct it?

Asked by trogdor (58points) March 29th, 2008

Like when i text people the name of the skate park i go to, it keeps trying to correct me

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Can’t you turn the spellcheck off? I read about so many frustrations with the iphone. I am glad I don’t have one. I am using my desktop Mac OS X w/no problems.

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It usually learns corrections after the third time you refuse a correction. A common occurence for me was typing squirbel; it would auto-suggest squirrel. Nowadays all I have to do is type sq and it auto-suggests squirbel, and we all know squirbel is not a word.

When you are typing the name, and it suggests the other name in the bubble, tap the bubble to decline. After a few repetitions it will have learned.

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yeah, like lol turning to LOL. Makes people think I’m lmao. Frustrating…

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You can turn it off in the settings!

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When you see the correction bubble pop up all you do is click the little “x” in the bubble and continue typing. It should learn after that.

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