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Ladies, does your s/o call the doctor or ask you to do it and why, if he won't, do you think he won't do it himself?

Asked by Aster (18947points) September 22nd, 2010

I’m not sure my s/o , either one, has ever called a doctor. I have always been told to do it . Why is that? If I’m sick, I want to call myself so I can explain accurately how I feel.

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Sometimes mine has me to call and likes for me to go in with him to some appts bc he says I am smarter and can understand all that medical stuff. I do love anatomy and physiology and have worked as a pharmacy tech at one time and in hospice for awhile. I don’t mind doing it because he never asks enough questions and never gives me any details if I don’t hear them myself. lol

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Mine always has me call them. But won’t explain why.

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Nope, mines calls for himself….but saying that it takes a lot of nagging for him to admit he is unwell and needs medical advice.

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Here’s the deal ladies. For lack of a better description, it’s a guy thing.

Yes, it’s silly and vain, but the bottom line is that calling the doctor is an admission of frailty and weakness. Alas, it’s hard wired into our DNA and there is little we can do about it. What we can do, however, is pass the buck to our s/o…

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But the point is you are going to the doctor anyway so why would the call be something you avoid? I’d think actually going to the doctor would be an admission of weakness, not the call to the doctor.

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The more enlightened among we Y chromosomers realize that not seeking assistance when needed is actually the greater weakness.

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Mine called their doctors on their own but with some nagging and even researching by me. I’m a female and my male partners have been a stubborn bunch when it comes to their health.

Men, get a damned physical every year, okay. Go to the dentist every 6mos. for cleanings. Submit to the prostate check. Your friends, kids and SO’s love you.

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I think Yobob has hit the nail on the head there.

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Mine used to try to get me to do this. After making, and subsequently rescheduling, a couple of appointments at times that were inconvenient for him, I told him that he needs to do it himself. He always claims that he doesn’t have time to make the call. I can understand being really busy at work, but he manages to eat lunch – often while working – so he can take the two minutes to make that call. It hit me how ridiculous it was for me to make an appointment for someone who is busy when I had to re-schedule one of these appointments for the third time. The only one that I make now is the dentist because we go together. And I make him tell me a day that he can take a half-day from work.

As well as being busy, he is a bit of a social phobe, so any contact with the outside world beyond what is necessary makes him uncomfortable.

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