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Would you still be interested in fluther if there were only one type of category - the serious "General" category?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) September 22nd, 2010

Would it still work?

Alternately, what if fluther were only casual and fun, like Social?

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Then this site would be like the wild wild west. And what would the moderators do?

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Interested in just general? Yes. Not nearly as much fun though. What would be fun is to have a way of tracking how may General or Social questions of comments we have.

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I would still be interested in either case, but overall, the site would be less interesting without one of the two.

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No, I like the option of having both. Narrowing it down to one would kind of ruin the experience for me.

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I enjoy the social very much, I think it would work either way but it is more fun with both. =D yay for fluther!

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rather not think about it. @zen_ tell Bob to make me a sandwich! Seriously, i probably would be out of here.

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Yes, but I’d comment a lot less and flag a lot more. Either way, no sandwich for @BoBo1946.

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geezzz… I’m writing this down… oh, how about mowing my yard?

I could never have this fun in general ! At this point in my life, i don’t want to be serious and “stuff-shirted,” i just want to have fun and converse with friends. Ok, some would say, “get on facebook,” etc… But, when i don’t know someone personally, it gives me more freedom to express myself. Facebook is not fun. Here, if i want to talk about my sex life, lack of, or whatever….it is game. Believe or not, I get some great laughs from reading the soical section and cannot remember laughing in the general section. Well, maybe at Zen…just kidding!

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Yea. Fluther’s just cool all around. When I joined they already had the social section. Was there a time when it was just general?

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I would have at first, but now half of the fun is interacting with the jelly regulars.

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I just made some BLT’s and the tomatoes are local and the bacon is extra crispy @BoBo1946 AND @bob_ now you guys enjoy!

I love social <3

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Depends on my mood and what I need which section I prefer at any one time. Sometimes I need info and general is great for that. But sometimes I need to blow off steam or get a pick me up and I use social. I think I would stay on fluther for awhile, but I would be looking elsewhere. If they ever pull an Answerbag play see you later guys.

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Probably not.

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Fluther was once only one category. The lively and interesting people of Fluther filled all the conversations with both wit and wisdom and a bit of badinage. The division is relatively recent and was resisted at first.

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No problem, still would be interested.

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I would still like it if it was just the General section or if it was just Social. I really like having them both though, so I hope they don’t go away.

@Aesthetic_Mess It changed right around the beginning of May. Before that, it was just one section.

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I am starting to wonder if I understood the question… you’re saying if all questions were general, or all questions were social… not if the categories were just eliminated again. Right?

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That would give too much power to the Mods. Some needing to take chill pills and lacking, depth.

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Fluther had one section for a very long time and I was very happy with it.

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Yes, the General section is my favorite part. I was happy when the choices were added. I see evidence from time to time that even more categories are being tested. Sometimes when I answer a question, I get a notice saying that question will now appear in the different category.

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I would ask questions that I really needed an answer to. And I’d answer a few. But it would be dull.

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I wouldn’t only want it to be either one. Having the two options is perfect.

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I don’t think I would. I miss the type of social site atmosphere I belonged to with the defunct site, came here to join other’ers and have stayed on because I like the mix in of jellies.

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I don’t mind the social section since I don’t need to look at it. I wouldn’t care if it went away. I still think the Questions/Discussions division was a ton better. It just needed to be enforced.

Dividing by answers is odd and I don’t like it.

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Yes, I would still come to Fluther. I still have serious questions that need to be answered.

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Yes, but I would miss the social section. Serious support requires a good community. And good communities rely on humor as well.

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@mattbrowne Great answer – I didn’t think of it that way. So there’s hope for me, yet?

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@mattbrowne rly great answer

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I completely agree with @mattbrowne.

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