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What kind of things should I look for in a computer to record and edit music with?

Asked by Zyx (4152points) September 22nd, 2010

I need a new computer and though I’d prefer any sort of superpowered computer my budget isn’t that big. I’m planning on buying an m-box or similar device to hook up my bass to but people have already told me to get a decent computer first.

So is there much difference in sound cards? Are there other things I should look for?

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Yes, there is a lot of difference in sound cards. If you can, get one that can accommodate your plug in needs. Also, get as much processing power, such as a quad-core, as you can afford. The mobo/processor combo and the sound card are your most important components.

Tom’s Hardware has forums devoted to just this aspect of building a computer.

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If you can afford it, buy a MacBook Pro. That had everything you need to get started without wasting time buying unnecessary pieces. Anything else you might need in the future, you can always get.

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