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Okay, what day is the REAL start of Autumn?

Asked by NinjaBiscuit (605points) September 22nd, 2010

On the news last night it said today, the 22nd was the first day of Fall. My computer calendar says it’s tomorrow. I’m getting mixed messages from stuff online too. Some say today, some say the 23rd, tomorrow! What the crap, what is the real start day of Fall this year?

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Here is why there is confusion:

“In 2010, fall begins on September 22nd for countries in the Northern Hemisphere (United States, Canada).
Note: In 2010, Autumn begins on September 23 for countries in Europe. ”


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It changes a bit because it’s based on the position of the sun. This year it is at 3am on the 23rd based on UTC (which would be this evening in the states) (source). It also depends on where you are at location wise.

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@marinelife @Seaofclouds Thanks guys. So I guess today’s the first day of Fall here in the ‘States. Thanks for clearing that up!

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to be nit picky- Sept 22 is the date of the Equinox (Autumn STARTS) occurring in the US, during night time hours. Tomorrow is the first DAY of Autumn.

This used to confuse me because the press, especially TV, is so imprecise in their wording. The Equinox is not a day, but a moment in time in which an even occurs.

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When my mood plummets.

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In Germany like many European countries close to the sea the meteorological start of autumn is 1 September.

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