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I want to make dinner for my parents on their anniversary, what should I make?

Asked by spallybob (57points) September 22nd, 2010

On October 10th my parents will have their 18th wedding anniversary, since my dad’s birthday is not too far away from that they are just going out for their anniversary and his birthday the same day. so, they will be staying home on their anniversary i want to make dinner for them. please help.

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First, i think this is very admirable of you to want to make them a special dinner. you must have a lot of love in your family and thats great. my wife suggested a spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings. this would be a simple meal for you. a bottle of wine would also be nice, but i sense you are not 21, so this may be not possible. a nice salad and a hot bowl of great spaghetti. prepared by their child, sounds like a great suggestion to me. wife and i would love this and know your parents will feel the same. after all, its not the gift that counts, its the thought behind it. right?

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How about a pasta dish with salad and rolls before the dinner and a desert after. Are you old enough to get your hands on some wine? Cuz that would be great as well.

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Can you make their favorite dish? If so, I would suggest that first. If you can’t make their favorite dish, pasta with a salad would be nice. You could set the table for them and light candles so they could have a candlelight dinner.

My anniversary is October 10th too! Hope your parents have a good anniversary.

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Mussels Marana over Angel Hair Pasta with a fresh loaf of bread.

Cheap easy and wonderful!

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What type of foods do they like? Pasta? Steak and potatoes? Chicken? Mexican, Italian, French? If you give us an idea we can come up with some recipes for you.

Also, I think anniversary 18 is porcelain if you wanted to get them a small gift. Although I think a gift is completely unnecessary, making them dinner and celebrating with them is about the best gift I can think of for them.

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thank you guys so much i check and see if any of those are possible =]

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Do they like lamb?

If so, broiled lamb chops with Potatoes Anna and a green vegetable.

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Bake a rock cornish game hen, stuffed, for each person. Serve with salad, stewed apples and some sort of potatoes like garlic mashed.

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