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Where are these blog hits coming from if I only have one email subscriber?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) September 22nd, 2010

I guess I’m sort of blog stupid…

I have a blog on WordPress. I have one email subscriber, but every day that I post, I always have a boost of visitors as compared to a day when I don’t post anything. If I have one person subscribing via email, is it just a coincidence that I get more hits on post days? Or is there some other way someone can be notified that I’ve posted something other than email?

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If folks have subscribed to the RSS feed, they’ll get updates in their reader/aggregator (e.g., Google Reader), but they won’t show up as e-mail subscribers.

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You can also install a tool like Google Analytics that will show you where your visitors are coming from (a search engine, a direct visit, a link from another webpage, etc).

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Do you happen to know if WordPress has any place to see how many RSS feed subscribers there are?

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All I’m saying is if you blog and your asking “Where the heck are all these readers coming from?”, you must be doing something right. I have a blog that I shamelessly promote whenever the opportunity arises and would love to have your problem.

Not sure if wordpress has it, but blogspot has a built in stat feature that tells you where your traffic is coming from…

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@crazyivan: No, it’s not “all these” readers… just a couple more than usual. On a good day I have a dozen.

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Right on. Guess we’ve all gotta start somewhere. I find that a number of the hits I get are people just randomly purusing blogspot blogs. You might have a few of them showing up.

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