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Make me a sandwich. What would you put on it?

Asked by thekoukoureport (4023points) September 22nd, 2010

Give me your favorite sandwich. I need something new for my belly. Please be specific.

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Ham, Italian dressing, jalepenos, swiss cheese, and bread of course, oh and some lettuce

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Jagdwurst and Bautz’ner Senf.

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Peanut butter with strawberry jelly and bananas nommm.

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@Aesthetic_Mess Jalapenos hurt coming and going for me, sounds good though!
@ragingloli I used to eat schnitzle sandwiches in Bamberg,
@Aesthetic_Mess Always good and the strawberry preserves are my fav

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This is something I can not eat anything since I am a vegetarian but it is one of the best sandwiches in the world.

Start with a seeded ficelle, put some proscuitto, mozzarella, and fresh basil on it and slather some garlic aoli on it. So freaking good.

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If that’s how you’re going to ask for it, you won’t want to eat what I put into it.

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Oh, bob_?

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@CyanoticWasp sorry May I please have a Sandwich?

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Im going to tell you how to make a “sandwich” that is only found on a small 88km size island in the med called a “pa amb oli” there are many variations, but for this one… you will need:

1 tomato, very red and ripe. a little soft.
1 baguette
1 bottle of olive oil
1 chunk of mature/strong cheese
1 baguette sized slice of serrano ham
1 jar or red pesto
some green olives
some black olives
some salt

how to:

take a tomato and cut it in half, then take a baguette and cut it in half long ways. rub the tomato while squeezing it along the inside of the baguette on both halfs. then add a drizzle of olive oil along one half of the baguette, then add some salt, then add some mature tasting cheese, then cut very thin slices of tomato and place along the top of the cheese, then add a slice of serrano ham, then add some black and green olives (chopped) over the ham. then add about two tea spoons of red pesto (made with sun dried tomatos and red peppers)

here are some examples and variations of a “pa amb oli” (pa amb oli meaning bread and oil)

version 1
version 2
version 3 (classic version, bread, tomato, olive oil, salt)

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Tuna melts are my favorite. I also like pastrami and cheese, bologna and cheese, and peanut butter and nutella sandwiches. I think I’ll go make a sandwich for lunch.

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Bacon, egg, and shredded hash browns on an english muffin with melted cheese.

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Rye, salami, cheese.

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Chicken salad on an onion bun with cilantro instead of lettuce. I’ll go make one right now!

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I’d start with a about 2 days in advance. I’d take a London broil, brisket, tri-tip or other roast-type cut, and soak in a cure consisting of the following:

1 gal cold water
2 bay leaves
1 c salt
1 tbs Liquid Smoke
garlic cloves ½ cp brown sugar
3 tbs pickling spice

After covering the meat with the cure, I’d allow it to soak (refigerated) at least overnight.

Removing the meat from the cure, I’d crust the fat side with a 50/50 rub of ground peppercorn/ground coriander seed. Then I’d wrap the roast in foil, sealing seam to prevent loss of moisture, then roast it at 375°F for 2–3 hrs, depending on size of roast, or until internal temperature is 135° to 140°F, depending on how well done I want it.

I’d let it cool at least 15 minutes, but probably overnight again in the fridge. Just before making your sandwich I’d slice it wafer thin, across the grain.

I would take a whole-grain artisan-baked hoagie-type roll (a baguette would work), sliced in half lengthwise. I’d apply Deli-style brown mustard on the bottom half, followed by several many slices of the peppered beef. Upon that I’d spread some prepared horseradish, followed by pepperjack cheese, along with some smoked gouda slices. On top of that I’d place sliced red onion; 1 whole garden-grown tomato, sliced; several leaves of red leaf lettuce, and some thick cut, crisply cooked hicory-smoked bacon; and cover with the top of the bun. then I’d take two toothipcks, two garlic-stuffed olives, and place them in the middle of the sandwich, so thay can “look” at you. I’d cut the sandwich in the middle, and serve it with a salad and/or cheesy fried potatoes, and a tall glass of your favorite beverage to wash it down.

Edit for clarity

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I don’t remember the name of the bread but it’s in NYC
So this bread some veal meatloaf with goat cheese and a Strong Dijon Mustard.
Used to work at this specialty food place or I would have never found that one.

@Seaofclouds Tuna salad with a basil leaf stuffed in a Nsturcheon flower with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. OMG!

@erichw1504 ahh the breakfast sandwich. Just had a Scrapple and fried egg on toast with grape jelly.

At the train station in DC I had the best pannini of my life grilled chicken with basil and a pesto mayo to die for.

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Oven roasted turkey breast, avocado, broccoli sprouts, tomato and spicy mustard on a croissant.

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@thekoukoureport aye, thats one of my faves too. but i do preffer it with some cheese on it.

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Anything @bob wants.

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Lightly buttered and toasted bagel with thin-sliced Nova Scotia lox, cream cheese, onion, with or without a very thin slice of muenster cheese. It’s what all us Jewish cowboys eat on the trail.

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@poisonedantidote that pa amb oli sounds absolutely delicious.

Mine is a sandwich only in the very loosest sense of the word.
Take a piece of ciabatta, cut open in two halves, and toast it.
Spread pesto on it (green pesto)
Add sliced avocado
Top with grated mozarella
Put it under the grill until the cheese melts.

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Take your favorite bread (toasted or plain..however you prefer), pile high with your favorite meats, cheese and veggies. Don’t forget your favorite dressing or oil. Now thats the best sammich in the world. Made your way with the foods you like to eat.) Enjoy!

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Select a honey wheat hoagie roll, add spicy brown mustard on one side and a little bacon ranch dressing to the other, lettuce, tomato, avocado, prosciutto, honey roasted turkey, red peppers, red onions and salt&pepper.

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Lemon juice, Taramosalata spread and red caviar.

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Rye bread, spicy homemade mustard, turkey slices, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese. Grill. Dill pickle spear, salt & vinegar chips and a helping of potato salad or cole slaw on the side.

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Gah, I realized I didn’t add any cheese to mine! Havarti would be perfect.

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I’d be tempted to give a knuckle sandwich if I had that barked at me.

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Hummus on pita with Swiss cheese, honey, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, sesame seeds and freshly ground pepper to taste.

It sounds gross but is amaaaaaazing.

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Wow some real great ideas here. @Simone_De_Beauvoir what is Taramosalata?

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Start with 2 slices of rye bread,
spread one with horseradish, the other with mayo
On the horseradish layer thinly sliced dried venison, slice of Swiss cheese, bacon or fried ham, slice of sharp cheddar, roast beef
On the mayo side, sliced beefeater tomato, sliced vidalia onion, sliced green pepper, lettuce and pickles.

lightly toast the meat and cheese side then top with the veggie side. Use a toothpick to hold it all together.

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@WestRiverrat—I think you just earned the Dagwood Sandwich Award in my book.

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@thekoukoureport Carp roe spread – it’s Greek.

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Spam, mustard and pickled banana peppers. Add onions if it’s tax return day.

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Some dirt and earthworms, if you ask nicely i may add some mayo :P

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Egg salad. I am making one for munch if you want one.

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@Frenchfry Thank you very much another favorite of mine. Do use onions?

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@thekoukoureport No onions. I would for you though

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Thank you, My egg Salad Has a couple of things in it that you may want to try. First a little dill weed and second a dash of worstershire sauce, Yummy!

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