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What's a TV show that you rarely, if ever miss/missed?

Asked by ucme (50034points) September 22nd, 2010

Yeah, either from the past or the present. A show which you can say without fear of contradiction you never missed one single solitary episode of. One that if you couldn’t be in front of your TV at the time you’d record the damn thing. There’s gotta be one….hasn’t there?

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The Bachelorette. lol

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Project Runway.

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Real Time with Bill Maher.

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The West Wing

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Boston Legal

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St. Elsewhere and Friday Night Lights

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Lost. I watched it religiously.

But the 6th season sucked. :P

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All of the Star Trek series. All of the Stargate series. Ah, hell, lots of the Sci Fi series. Nowadays? Project Runway, Top Chef, Survivor yeah, yeah, I know XP and Castle.

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Greys Anatomy. Not by choice, my g/f loves it and she’ll break all my fingers if I even look at the remote. If there’s a hockey game on she might switch for a few seconds for a foot rub.
@JilltheTooth Lightbulb goes on:)

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I used to love THE SHIELD on fx… best show ever!!!!!!

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Bones, Closer, and Law and Order!

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Oh, yeah, Bones…

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@JilltheTooth that is my favorite show. Love to listen to Dr. Brennan and Booth discuss religion. It’s so funny.

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Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. Lucky for me they come on one after another so I only have to remember to watch one of them.

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Survivor, hell’s kitchen, america’s got talent, and other reality shows.

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I was soooo hooked on the original Twilight Zone. Even now, though I’ve seen every episode a million times, I watch the reruns whenever they’re on. I also loved a series that ran around the same time called Outer Limits.

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How I Met Your Mother.

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Dang it! @Austinlad you beat me to the punch. Twilight Zone is the only show I can say for certain that I have seen every episode. My sister calls me every Holloween to remind me to watch the TZ marathon on cable. Still love ‘em.

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@Austinlad : In a day when there was a serious dearth of oddball stuff, Those two were far ahead of their time. The newer version of Outer Limits (from the 90s, I think,) was also well done, I thought.

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Pushing Daisies, It’s kind of hard for me to commit to any television program. When I missed an episode, I watched it online. I need tivo

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Came close with Gilmore Girls. I only started watching in the 3rd season though.

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Spooks, Law & Order UK, Trial & Retribution & Wallander

Oh and Luther but it’s only on it’s first series :)

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One of the local stations was running Star Trek: The Original Series for a while; I made sure to watch every single episode.
Other than that, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 1

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Ah, I just thought of another: Soap. It aired well before TiVo, and had my parents found out that I would sneak downstairs to watch it after my bedtime, I would have been grounded.

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Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters
Smallville (until they switched channels without letting me know, so i lost track of that one)
Lost (same situation as Smallville)

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