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Why am I so damn tired?

Asked by Jude (32112points) September 22nd, 2010

I eat well, drink water, and get decent sleep, but, the last few days, I have been having a hard time staying awake. I could easily sleep the rest of the day away. I’m leaving for home in 30 minutes and I plan on napping. Why am I so freaking tired?

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Lots of reasons. Do you have any pain? If so, it keeps you from having good sleep. Are you getting at least eight hours of sleep?
Are you bored? Is your mattress too hard? Do you have allergies?
Are you using a nightlight in the room?

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Well you know dearie, we’re none of us as young as we once were now are we? Ye gads I sound just like my Mother :¬)

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I’m in the same boat except I can’t sleep much at all about 3 to 4 hours a day. I do have lots of pain on a daily basis and am being checked by Doctors as to why. Yes some of it is because of Age. Like this statement “I can hide my own Easter eggs now.”

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I don’t recommend this but I remember my mother used to say, “well, I’m going to take 2 aspirin and go to bed now.”
Oh;one other thing that lets you sleep better: sleep in socks. The temperature changes with the sheets cuts back a little on sleep quality.

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Sometimes just before I get sick I feel like that. I hope you’re not getting something! Or maybe I hope you are, so you’ll know why, get better after, then have all your energy back… now I’m confused.

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It could be depression.

It could be anemia. have you been checked?

I suggest you see the doctor.

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It could be you’re still adjusting to the start of school and someone mentioned we’re not as young as we used to be. Has it happened to a lesser degree in the past?

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Depression, I’m guessing.

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why are you depressed??? Depression will make you sleep more which isn’t the healthiest things to do…

try to find things which you like – to keep you occupied and help give you the re-newed energy you are seeking, and help keep your mind off things that depress you…

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@mama_cakes Do you think it is light related?

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blah, blah, poopyshit.

Lying on the couch for a nap.

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you’re a great guy. =)

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You are readjusting to being back at work, no? My wife is having trouble adjusting, too. Depression is almost certainly involved.

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i just want to curl up in a ball and be held.

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Virtual hug. (I don’t lnow how to emoticon that, sorry) And a Mommy kiss on the forehead.
* smack*

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Not enough sleep at night
Iron anemia
Ebstein Barr

Is your hair falling out? Dry eyes and skin? Is your blood very red when you cut yourself (I am not suggesting you purposely cut yourself) or dark almost purple?

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Depression, JLeslie.

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@JilltheTooth I believe hug is (O) or (((O)))

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@worriedguy: Thanks and (O) to you for letting me know.

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I haven’t been tired since I started drinking almond milk. lol?

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Get me some almond milk! lol!

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Sometimes you just need more sleep than at other times. I would just give in to it and go early to bed and don’t set your alarm clock. You may be depressed but I don’t think so.

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How much do you sleep per night? I know if I sleep any more than 9 hours, I feel like I slept about 2. AKA I feel crummy and tired and hazy all day. Too much sleep does the same thing to me as not enough. I’m perfect at around 7 hours. Maybe u da same

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Depression sucks. If it last more than a few weeks maybe go talk to someone? If you know why it is happening, if you have a lot of changes going on in your life, I would not be too concerned. You just gotta fake it for now. Happy smile, drag yourself out of bed, and cry and sleep when you need to. Maybe keep a journal to write things out.

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Maybe you’re pregnant?

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Do you maybe suffer from sleep apnea. You may think you are sleeping 8 hours but if your not breathing right, your sleep is actually interupted. Not enough to wake you but enough so you really won’t get a good nights sleep.
Do you snore?
Have sinuse problems?
You may also be eating well but if you are constantly eating the same general stuff, you may be depriving yourself of some much needed vitamins.
People rarely eat what their bodies really need and after years of neglect the deficencies can build up. If you don’t want to take multi vitamins because they may have too much, try getting some childrens vitamins. They only have the half recommended doses of adult vitamins.
Going throught hormonal changes can tire you as well, as can thyroid problems and or, stress.
See a doc and get a physical to rule out any possible physical ailments.
Stress can make you tired and make you feel depressed as so can any of the other things I mentioned above.

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@Ben_Dover not a chance.

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Is anyone sucking the soul out of you?

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Check out the line.

Edward from Twilight?

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If you’re 50+ years you might need some vitamin B12. Our bodies quit making it, I feel a difference.

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Hugs, girlie. ♥

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@faye I, and other people I know, have been diagnosed with low b12 much younger. For me I was in my early 30’s. Thought you might be interested, and maybe others on this q.

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@faye and @JLeslie : That explains why I always feel much better when I remember to take my vitamins! Thanks!

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@JilltheTooth if you take a multivitamin with iron, I would recommend actually getting tested for specifically what you might be deficient in. It is probably much more likely you need iron, which is very noticeable for lack of energy, and feeling stronger fairly quickly when the body gets enough. The b12 in a multivitamin is a very small amount, rarely enough to really boost deficient people into normal ranges quickly.

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@JLeslie : I take a full B12 supp with my multi, and iron and a bunch of stuff except the non-solubles like A (don’t want to overdose there.) The problem for me is remembering to take them.

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@jill Yeah, I am great at taking prescribed medicine for an illness perfectly as directed. Vitamins I am rather haphazard, even though some vitamins and minerals are just as important as medicine for me. I wound up on prescription vitamin D, so I am finally into normal range. I still think it is more lily the iron is making you feel so much better. You should get checked next time at the doctor, iron, b12, D. I believe overdosing water soluble vitamins is bad too.

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Maybe you have mono.

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