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How do you know if you sprained your ankle?

Asked by zeroearth1304 (32points) September 22nd, 2010

I tripped on the sidewalk and for the rest of the day my ankle hurt horribly. It’s like a growing pain in my ankle but much worse and when I walk, it feels like I’m pulling a muscle in my shin. Do you know what I mean? It feels like my muscle is stretching apart in an uncomfortable way. It aches like crazy!!! Have I sprained my ankle? If not, what have I done to my ankle? Please HELP!!!!!

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Go to the doctor. They may need to take an x-ray to make sure you haven’t broken anything.

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In my experience….sprains hurt like hell….I mean screaming and swearing kind of hurt…will start to swell pretty quickly and the pain is managed well with icing the injured ankle. I have never broken an ankle but everyone I have talked with that has says breaking it doesn’t hurt as much.

Now forget you read anything here at all and go see a Doc….let the pro tell you what you did!!

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You probably need to have an xray to rule out a break.

Then if you sprained it, you need to stay off of it, ice it, wrap it and elevate it!

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You should get checked out. I broke my foot walking off a curb this summer and didn’t go to the doctor for 10 days…and by that time the break was very bad and displaced and required surgery. Probably wouldn’t have if I would have just went to the doctor in the first place….and…it didn’t hurt much. It was just swollen.

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I also think you need to see a doctor.
@Cruiser I have had a very bad sprain, and yes it hurt like heck and there was no way I could have put any weight at all on it. There are different kinds and degrees of sprains, just like there are different kinds of breaks. I also broke that same ankle. A Trimalleolar fracture that had my foot hanging sideways and needed surgery. Also no way I could put any kind of weight on that mess. The pain from that break was indeed much worse that the bad sprain. But like @deni I also know of people would walked around on a fractured foot. So I guess it just depends!

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@wilma I guess it does depend…of the 3 sprains I have had they all were off the charts painful and when I had a 3,000 lb machine fall on and smash my foot and some bones in the process didn’t hurt that much in comparison.

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