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Anybody out there thought that they had a great invention?

Asked by mickhock (540points) September 22nd, 2010

have you ever thought that you had hit the big time with an invention only to find out someone already had the patent.
Or did you invent something that you swear was the one thing that everybody needed and you were the only one to think so?

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Years ago when I baked cakes for extra money, I came up with a invention that I felt would make assembling cakes on cake boards easier. I went as far as going to one of those invent-help programs I saw on TV. Invent-help (or whoever they were), put it in a book with diagrams and how the product should be developed. That is as far as I got because unfortunately they wanted more money (that I didn’t have) to patent it.
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Yes I built a toy and showed the prototype to a dealer that also produces toys. He wanted it but was only willing to give me 5% so I turned it down. Looking back I guess 5% is more than 100% of nothing but I still have my idea. I also built a system for the arcade market that would have made millions. We had a contract with Coca Cola, Niki shoes and quite a few others and then the home gaming and computer market took the rug out from under us. The concept is good and we did produce a working model but there doesn’t seem to be a big enough market now.

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yup, however they all turned out to be crap.

one that i made that actually did work, but it did not work well enough. was a clean energy generator. a generator designed to generate electricity from the kinetic energy given off by waves, waves of water deep out in the ocean, a bobbing motion. If you made a mile by mile patch of them out in the ocean, about 25 meters tall by 5 meters diameter, you could generate a fair bit of power, but not enough really.

its basically like a load of hoops, with plastic balls inside the hoops that use the tube as a kind of road. inside of the plastic balls, magnets. the magnets run round and round inside the hoops, and the hoops has sections of copper wire coiling round the hoop on the outise.

a hoop with ever decreasing sizes, but not tube thicknes, like a zero inside a zero inside a zero. then layered to make towers.

you could maybe even put solar panels on the parts that stick out of the water

but really, all i ever managed to do was get a small bulb to light up with a crappy first try made out of old water bottles and tape and stuff.

there is a bit more to it than that, but you get the general idea

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Yes, but I’m not going to tell you about it because it’s still in the inventing stage!

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When I was a kid, thought of a bed that could float due to powerful electromagnets. However some time ago I saw an article and as it turns out, someone had the same idea. ):

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@Deja_vu That was pretty damn funny.

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@lillycoyote I wish I came up with some of those inventions. Lol :)

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