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What insects chirp like birds but it happens only at night?

Asked by Aster (18947points) September 22nd, 2010

Each night after dark , outside the windows in the flowerbeds, I hear high-pitched chirping that doesn’t sound at all like crickets. Is it a different kind of cricket or some dreadful insect?

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Could it be locusts or cicadas? They don’t only chirp at night, but the sound is just hideous to me. I was going to add some videos of the different chirps, but the sound was driving my dogs crazy.

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Or the Σκαθάρι (Skathari) Beetle.
They make a chirping sound, also when you pet their backs, and make for lousy pilots.
Flying in to walls, lamps and crash to the ground.

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Gross , rebbel !! There are none inside!

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It could be a grasshopper.

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@tragiclikebowie thanks. I looked at your link. I’m sorry I asked since they look gross but it does sound like them. At least they’re just frogs but I never see frogs during the day! eeewwwwwww

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Peepers, a big variety of crickets, or katydids. Around here, peepers are very vocal in early spring, but after their mating season, we don’t hear them. If the peepers aren’t mating where you are, it’s probably some kind of cricket or katydid.

This site has sample sounds from from some crickets and katydids. There are many, many more species than listed at that one website.

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Aster, we have those frogs and when it rains and at night you can hear them go nuts. Has it rained where you leave. I actually don’t mind the sound

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That’s true, or if you have a pond, or lake, or even a big puddle…it could be toads. They have a very high pitched chirp, which I think could be described as bird like. Ours always “sing” when it rains, I think they mate in the rain.

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@Frenchfry No; it hasn’t rained. Creepy sound.

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