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Can a Mac expert help me install something from Adobe"?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) March 29th, 2008

I was able to download Adobe Flash Player 9 and now have the icon “Install Flash Player 9 OX” on my desk top. When I click on it, I get this: “Please close all Browsers before beginning installation.” MY browser is closed. And I have 4 GB available for the 9512k needed. It is for the little app. that PaulC has added to Fluther. (See the Collective Creates, on right, under News.)

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@all; words of one syllable, please, or language for laymen. Thanks

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Please right click (command + mouse button) on the icon, then click “get info.” Can you see the “file extension?” What is the name of the file extension?

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It’s possible that you have all or part of a browser running even though the app is closed. Just restart before running the install.

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Riser; your tip doesn’t seem to be working .. Command = apple key, right? So I hold that down and click mouse over icon. Blah! I can’t find file extension.

Sound: I will try your idea.

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I meant to say “control.” My apologies.

If you hold down the “apple” key, simultaneously clicking “tab” you will see what applications you have open.

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Riser: I found the “get info’ window. Under “name and extension” there is a little box that says only “Install Flash Player 9 OX.” I’ll restart and try later; holding down “apple” key and simultaneously clicking “tab” brings up the dock which rushes to the right like an express train.

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What Riser is trying to get you to see is the quick window to switch between active applications. It’s actually harder to describe than it is to do: you hold down command (apple key) and press tab once, releasing the tab button without releasing command. As long as you continue holding down command, the switcher window should be visible. Clicking tab again will highlight the next app in the window, while holding down tab will rapidly and violently cycle through all available apps.

My guess, though, is that either you have apps open that aren’t showing in your Dock, or you have a bad download of the Adobe Flash installer.

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I believe you might have the browser still running, even if you clicked the little red dot to close it.

We’re going to pull up a window that will list all of your running apps; press

[Command] + [Option] + [Esc]

(command is the Apple key)

In this window, click Safari and/or Firefox and click Force Quit. Close that little window and try installing the Flash plugin again. I am assuming that your browser is missing from your dock since a few weeks ago Dashboard was missing from your dock.

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Well; gents and lady; Pin a rose on me. Don’t ask me exactly how I did it, but Paul Coyle’s little statistical analysis is now working. Perhaps it was because I restarted.

Thank you, all.

@squirbel: I now know how to find the missing icons for Dock, and I know about (Command-Option-escape.) And I close the browser (Safari) by clicking on Control-Q.

I appreciate everyone’s help. Going to the Help files or the help pages is too confusing. You were all clear and addressed the precise problem.Here is where fluther works really well.

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