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Geez! Why so many stinkbugs?

Asked by toaster (527points) September 22nd, 2010

Today was the most I’ve ever seen! just an absolute plague/infestation. Not only were there hoards inside but when I’d look out the window I could literally count about 25–50 sitting on every window screen. Was surprised to see other people commenting about them on my Facebook so It’s not just me.. Possibly something to do with barometric pressure or weather fluctuations?

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“BMSB becomes a nuisance pest both indoors and out when it is attracted to the outside of houses on warm fall days in search of protected, overwintering sites.”

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March of the Beetles.

A spectacle of nature at your window. haha

My cat is bringing in cold baby lizards every morning that arn’t warm enough to run away. lol

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I like that. March of the Beetles, lol. I was surprised to read they were introduced only about 15 years ago in Allentown, Pennsylvania, from China and other parts of SE Asia. Anyways it truly is a spectacle, if not a bit eerie.

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They have no natural enemies in the US so thier will be more and more as the years roll on.

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I live in an area that has giant root borer beetles that swarm at the first rains of the year. Sounds similar to your swarm, only these guys are the size of walnuts and recklessly slam themselves into windows and zing into the house if the door is opened.

Flying walnuts!

The first time I witnessed this was when I first moved to the mountains back in the early 90’s.

Some years they are out of control, 1000’s of them swarming within an hour of the rain.

They breed, dig holes in the ground to lay their eggs, then die.
The offspring hatch then bore into the pines and oaks to complete their strange life cycle. lol

The celanup is crazy, dead beetles in every nook and cranny of the garage and littering the ground. They have fuzzy brown underbodies and are very intimidating but harmless things.

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GEEZ! You aint kidding! Those are rather frightening. Imagine one crawling on you as you sleep. (haaa)

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( Toaster…lol )

Yep, those things are sooo creepy and they bite! They have huge mandibles that draw blood as someone coaxed me into holding one and said it didn’t bite. Really? haha

The first fall I lived up here and those things emerged it was like a horror movie. Standing at the sliding door off my deck and the whole house was under siege, you couldn’t open the door 3 inches without about a dozen of them flying in. Aaaaah!

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ohh NO! but HaaaHaaaaa sorry. And those are frightening awesome curious insects I knew nothing about. Tell me about the siege, I’ve almost developed a primitive connection with the little fellers, although they can emit bad smells (defense mechanism) when provoked. haaaaa. my friends have em and their dog will play with one for hours playfully attacking it,but keeping it alive, as it ceaselessly keeps spraying the dog. I swear the dog almost gets drugged off it, as it will bat it around as a cat does a catnip ball.

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Update: The stinkbugs are mostly subdued, and its mostly rain everyday. Everything is turning lush again after an extended period of hot/dry. Saw a toad the size of an uncooked hamburger patty! It was very big. Very old textured glandular skin and a striking docile and sincere disposition.

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Haha, I love it!

A Toad with a ‘striking docile and sincere disposition’ lol

I can relate, sounds like something I would say!

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