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What's that pasta called that's almost like a pierogi?

Asked by Disc2021 (4488points) September 22nd, 2010

It’s almost like a pierogi—there’s potato in the middle of the noodle and the noodles are spherical/oval shaped. Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?

Not cheese tortellini or anything.

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Gnocchi is potato throughout, not filled, like little dumplings. But the shape is right, “spherical/oval”.

But I think ravioli is more pierogi -sized and -shaped Traditionally it’s meat or cheese inside, but I would certainly go for potato ravioli.

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@jaytkay Good point. I read “potato” and “pasta” and my mind went straight to gnocchi.

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@heresjohnny I still think the answer might be gnocchi.

I want some gnocchi now

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Hmm. It looks like the closest thing is the Gnocchi, but this is a little different. It was like a potato filled noodle. Like a gusher, but with potato, haha.

I’m making dinner for my roomies and I was going to do pasta… but that’s a little boring. I wanted the potato filled stuff but I can’t remember what it’s called or where to find it… I guess if I can’t find that I may have to settle with tortellini.

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The secret shortcut to wow your friends with homemade ravioli is wonton wrappers from the grocery store.

Potato Ravioli With Wonton Wraps

Wonton Skins for Ravioli??

Bacon & Idaho® Potato Ravioli in Wanton Skins

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@jaytkay Mmm. Interesting!

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Maybe spatzle? It can come in a variety of different shapes and have many different ingredients, but the kind I’ve always had is oval-shaped and mushy, kind of like what you described.

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Agnolotti is shaped like pierogi. I’ve never had it with potato stuffing but I suppose you could do it. My bet is you had it with ricotta, which can have a potato-y texture.

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@perg, the “Semicircular agnolotti” pictured at Wikipedia is looking extremely pierogi-ish to my eyes. Good call!

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are you talking about the meat pockets from Chef Boyardee

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