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Do you think Fluther should have a "block" feature so you don't have to read certain people's posts?

Asked by cockswain (15271points) September 22nd, 2010

Sometimes disagreement spurs intelligent debate, but some people are close-minded morons and have nothing to contribute. Do you think it would be cool if you could turn on and off a “block” feature you could add the morons to so when you just want to relax and fluth in peace, you can do so?

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I used to think so, but I got over it. Besides the problem went away.

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I think there should be a block for questions that have been asked numerous times.

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The mods sort of do that. Unless you’re saying the question I’ve just asked has been asked numerous times. In which case I’ll prepare some snarky comment for you.

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The problem I see with blocking someone is missing parts of conversations that happen in the threads. I think it’s best to just practice self control and ignore the people you don’t like.

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Not really, no. I think people need to learn to ignore posts they don’t like. :\

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I would at least like the option to hide questions by certain users. I’m not that concerned about their replies to questions.

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They don’t really bother me enough to care ;)

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This was asked awhile ago, it might interest you.

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No, I don’t. You can skip reading something if you want to.

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@JilltheTooth That other thread was useful. Looks like one of the creators said he may implement a “hide” feature, which is what I really had in mind. I get the idea I should be able to not respond and ignore the bad posts, but sometimes I get sucked in. So is it better for me to grow as a person, or just be allowed my peace? Hmmm….

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@cockswain ; I have a good outlet for the “make you nuts” posts. My daughter is Katawagrey, so she and I often call each other and rant. It helps to diffuse our frustration…a lot.

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Well, my daughter’s 12 so that might not work out too well for me ; )

My wife used to be on here so we could commiserate, but she got too busy and probably hasn’t logged in for months. I tell her about some stuff if it gets really annoying, but usually when I walk away from my computer it exits my mind.

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No, but I still think there should be a button one can click when their questions are anticipated to be NSFW, and have them automagically hidden unless someone wants to see them.

So instead of seeing ”(NSFW) What’s the best flavored lube for oral sex?” we see “NSFW – Click to read question”

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@Seek_Kolinahr : please tell me “automagically” was deliberate, it’s just become my new favorite tech term! :-)))

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Oh, yes. I love made up words like “automagically”, “adorkable”, and “flubdubbery”

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I don’t really like the idea. I have had a lot of pleasant surprises from people I thought were just rude on here, not responsive, etc. Most of the time people who you think are being closed off have a lot to contribute on certain issues, or were having a particularly bad day…etc.

There is so much misinterpretation and assumed tone on the internet because of the medium. Efficient wording can appear brusk. Words when stated with different tones can have completely different and immediately clear connotations (even denotations), while when typed they can be taken any way. And something stated in a completely innocent manner can be interpreted by someone as insulting because that reader has been frustrated by posts throughout a thread, and the person just appears to be “attacking” you as well. Often, you (I include me) respond in a directly insulting manner, and the other person then rightly feels attacked, and the situation simply escalates.

And although I have argued we shouldn’t expect the worst, a straight up block will almost certainly inspire retaliations of sorts, and may be used more liberally than intended. It will reduce, if not destroy, the utility of an open Q&A site.

I know the frustration of seeing crazy responses (as I interpreted them) derail a thread. I’m sure I’ve done it. I think the best option is to consolidate responses you get, look at some sibling questions, and try re-asking in a different way, including what has been covered.

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I don’t want to block someone from posting, I just want to hide their answers to any posts I read from my view, depending on my mood. I personally think I’d enjoy that and was wondering if others felt the same. I’m unlikely to ever hide someone unless they had a history of mainly posting things I think are stupid and rarely if ever posting something I think is useful or funny.

Some people are just dorks and you can’t fix that. I probably hide like 40 people on facebook.

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I would’ve said no a month ago, but I would very much like not seeing posts by some individuals. Other than that no…

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hahaha @rangerr So true.

I don’t agree with a block feature.

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They don’t bother me as much.

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I think a blocking function is only useful on freewheeling sites with no moderation.

A blocking function here on Fluther would be too heavy-handed a tool for users. It would result in unnecessary walls between lines of passive communication.

The moderators remove the crazy stuff, the hateful stuff, and the spam. So I’ve never seen a reason to block anyone here, ever.

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