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Has anyone ever been "imprinted"? I feel so alone...

Asked by kissmesoftly (406points) September 22nd, 2010

When I was younger something happened (I still don’t know) to me that made me attracted to…well husky guys. I guess it’s called imprinting, but no one I know has had this (imprinting, not the husky guy thing) happen to them. Did this happen to anyone else? I don’t really believe the internet…

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Well it may be imprinted on your DNA, before and regardless of any childhood imprints… But sure, you may have had a fondness for Yogi Bear as a child, and that translated into an adult infatuation for Troglodytes.

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Probably just a paraphilia. Don’t sweat it.
Incidentally, one of the rules of the Internet effectively works out to, “if you’ve thought of it, so has someone else, and there’s a website for it.”

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I’m actually wondering how “Husky Men” make out with your user name of @kissmesoftly

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Well imprinting can certainly happen depending on the situation. For example , if you were rescued by a man with particular features, you may grow up to be attracted to men with those kinds of features as they have made an impact on your life before. Or for example, if you grew up watchingtv where all the males were brunette, you may grow tohave a preference for them.

It’s never happened to me but it certainely is possible

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies haha, my DNA? That doesn’t seem likely, a guy who would be my physical match would most likely be about 5’4’’ and weigh 122lbs. I’m freaken tiny: 4’9’’ 110 lbs. And I never watched yogi bear or anything like that. Also, I can’t stand body hair…even facial hair. And Troglodyte is an insult, like a less evolved being….but thanks for the answer. Husky is in reference to slightly chubby, no bear-like gruff men.

@Nullo lol

@Stephystars263 thank you for the imput. :)

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I was imprinted and some of the imprinting has changed over time, but the base imprint is still here.

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Perhaps you subconsciously equate “husky” with “not vain” and hence “not a jerk.”

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It is instinctive for a woman to be attracted to big strong “protective” type alpha males. Way back in the caveman days it was eat or be eaten and these big strong husky cavemen were a woman’s source of protection and survival.

Imprinting on the other hand suggests a person(s) who would be of a husky stature interacted with you and imprinted you with a positive experience most likely when you were very young.

Your inexplicable desire for big husky men could also be the result of some physical or mental trauma from a very threatening and or bad experience that left you feeling scared and vulnerable and your instincts are now telling you to find a big strong man to protect you.

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I think most of us are imprinted by our parents if whether we had a good or bad relationship with them.
Most (not all) women look for some qualities shared by their dad. Not always the best qualities and the same goes for men and their moms.
We associate the outer appearances sometimes with the personality traits. And in a good parent child relationship we look for someone who seems to be equally caring.
In bad relationships with parents we can sometimes look for the same type person hoping that the love we didn’t have as a child can be different as an adult.
Was your dad a husky man?
There is also the universal feeling that a husky men can be strong and kind. You probably have a feeling attached to the size of a man.
People make assumptions about size and build all the time by our daily acquaintances or how they are portrayed on tv.
Ex. On tv. Husky men are loving family men. Skinny men are weak, or smart or defenseless and or funny, built men are strong and protective, or violent, overweight men are either witty or bitter, good looking guys have the whole package, funny, sexual, strong, and loving and smart.

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@Pandora My father is a really small dude. He’s like 100lbs soaking wet. But good answer non the less.

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@kissmesoftly Thats why I said (not all). But perception is still something that can be imprinted by tv or even a favorite teacher or caregiver. Thanks for the GA.

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@Cruiser There are craploads of women not at all attracted to husky/muscly/burly men, whatsoever.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir wow, seriously man? I think he ment “a lot f woman”. Personally I have never met a woman who likes men smaller than her and I think that is what he was getting at.

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@kissmesoftly Maybe you’re not meeting the kind of women I know. My partner is smaller than I but then again, I’m not your typical woman.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Oops, type-o…that f is just floating in there. haha. I guess we don’t know the same kind of woman, but I am pretty young at the age of 19, so I don’t have that much life experiance. I do like to think that there are no typical woman, they’re all sort of crazy and have very specific needs (my guess again, based on what I know of other woman, I’ve never dated on…but that sentance made it sound like I did, tehe….) I like chubby guys and slender woman. Funny huh?

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@kissmesoftly No, women aren’t all alike – of course I don’t believe they are but there are plenty that think they are and theirs is the ‘typical woman’ that I am not.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I never suggested that ALL women were only attracted to big ol boys! I got my gal! ;) Needless to say I can appreciate your clarification on my comment!

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