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Do you find yourself drawn to answering certain cage-rattling questions?

Asked by harple (10441points) September 23rd, 2010

Are there certain questions on here that you can’t help but answer, even though you probably really shouldn’t? I’m thinking of questions that really rattle your cage, and not in a way that promotes you to want to have a sensible discourse. Do you find yourself answering questions that do this, simply because they’re still there everytime visit, whereas in real life the conversation would have passed by and you would have been able to let it go?

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I used to occasionally try to answer the cage-rattlers, but I’ve learned to walk away (fists clenched and teeth gnashing) because I really don’t like letting strangers get to me when I don’t have to…
That said, on rare occasions I just can’t help myself.

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I might answer a question about politics when I have cramps ;)

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Yes, one’s in which people start criticizing Fluther

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I’m drawn to music questions, and anything that requires a tongue in cheek response.

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I like to answer questions about topics I’ve had actual experience with. More and more I avoid repeated questions about religion and politics, which too often turn into shouting matches or snarkfests.

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I’d given most questions a go, so it would be easier to say what i avoid!

I tend to stay clear of politics and religious debates. Personal choice

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I steer clear of questions that “rattle my cage.” Life’s too short.

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I’m drawn to personal experiences… whatever that might be…

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I like to try to answer the orphans
they make my heart saddddd

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I love @lucillelucillelucille

I stay away from Religion.

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I answer questions that I have a clear viewpoint on, whether they are cage-rattlers or about today’s weather.

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I try to answer questions that rattle my cage. I think those are the most important. My cage might be rattled for the wrong reason. Having an emotional reaction to an issue is important, but I want to know if my reaction is interfering with my analysis of any underlying issues.

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I use too but now I either ignore them or answer the questions that may be a problem but were sincerely asked. I will then ignore reading comments of certain people who I feel like to blow questions like these all to hell. (like questions on religion)
On occassion, I will answer DuH! Questions (which can rattle my cage a little), if its late at night and I am tired. Probably not the best thing to do since tired equals irritable for me. I will usually go back later and appologize unless it was really dumb.
Like if someone asked, “Can jumping out from the second floor kill or hurt you” , Then I have to reply with DUhhh, or no, try landing on your head because no one is home using it, or something like that.

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Yes but then I remember to let it go. Sometimes I forget.

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It varies with my mood and the amount of rest I have had. This week, I would try to avoid them, because I have the toddlers all week.

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For the very few I’ve run across, they either get ignored or bring out some inner peace that typically is not present. Those get a response as if I were talking to a child who asked why they couldn’t eat candy instead of fruit.

On occasion, there is someone who posts a question clearly because they need to vent. They are not really looking for advice; just support and a venue to get it off of their chest before heading back into battle. While these probably go against the original mission of Fluther, we are all human. And fortunately, there is a huge amount of compassion on this site for each other.

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