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What sweets did you love when you were younger and miss now?

Asked by rainbowspirit (243points) September 23rd, 2010

I am interested to find out what sweets people loved as a kid (or maybe) even now. In particular I am interested in the kind of sweets you bought from pick & mix or had weighed out from jars. The reason I am interested is that I sell I bag and sell sweets for Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital and am looking for ideas for new varieties to add to the usual old favourites. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
Rainbowspirit :o)

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DUNKAROOS, string things

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I liked Ho Ho’s.Yeah,I said it. ;)

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My mother’s fudge !!! She re-jiggered the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s canister, using less cocoa than called for. No sweet has ever tasted better.

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Oh your making me hungry now…

Where do i start…i love(d) Cola Cubes, foamy bananas, Huge liquorice comforts (I’d use them as lipstick as a child), lemon bon-bons, fruit salads and black jacks…yum!

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Runts and mocha beans. I’m not a big fan of chocolate covered coffee beans, but they tend to sell well.

Edit: Ooh, and the tangy fruit slices.

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Jolly Ranchers. I find it all but impossible to turn one down.

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Ah, I just realized that you are in the UK. When I was there a couple of months ago, I bought some Jelly Belly beans in a bulk candy shop. Everyone from the elderly to children had a blast eating them and guessing the flavors.

They come in an alarming number of flavors, and I believe that they manufactured some in a Harry Potter theme.

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I loved Big Hunks (the candy, not the men). And my mother’s homemade taffy and popcorn balls.

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Grandmother’s fudge! When I arrived, the first place to go…kitchen and investigate! um mm

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My mother’s home made butter cookies.

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These little beauties! Notice a very young Rodney, (Nicholas Lyndhurst.) You’ll have to pause at 1sec. Blink & you will miss him. Anyway yeah, yummy sweeties :¬)

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I liked those wax pop bottles with sugary liquid inside

And those dots of sugar that came on strips of paper, and you could never peel them off properly and ended up spitting out wads of paper

And Big League Chew

And Lik-M-Aid.

And Good & Plenty

And Whatchamacallit (I had one last week. SO YUMMY!)

but directly relating to your details

Chocolate covered cashews (Not peanuts. Cashews.)
Orange Slices
Swedish Fish
the occasional Fireball

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Lik-M-Aid for me too. Also, Alexander the Grape, Chewy Sweet Tarts, Chocolate Ice Cubes, Pop Rocks and Giant Gummy Squids. Some of these candies are still available, but I sort of lost my childhood sweet tooth. I don’t know if you have any of these in the UK though.

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Turkish Taffy
Mom’s Baby Ruth cookies . She also made fantastic fudge but I was never that into it.
Smith Brothers Wild Cherry Cough Drops

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Anybody remember “Fizzies”? You dropped them into water and they became instant soda.

How about Marathon bars (“Nobody eats a Marathon bar fast Quick Carl..”)?

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@YoBob Yes! You can still get Fizzies from the Vermont Country Store. I found them and got them for my kids. I had told them about them for years and finally they got to try them themselves.

I used to buy Milkshake candy bars at the pool. I haven’t seen those in years.

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I used to love rolla cola balls!! Sherbert!

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There used to be a sweetshop in the village where I grew up, and they would sell sweets out of big jars like that. My favourite was a bag of fruit-flavoured sugar crystals which we’d dip a lolly into. Or sherbert, for the same effect.

Some others I liked: cola cubes, sherbert saucers, bonfire toffee (Very hard, dark brittle toffee made with black treacle)

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little debbie’s peanut butter wafers!

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