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Are you a quitter? When the going gets stuff, do you pull out of the race?

Asked by Jude (32112points) September 23rd, 2010

This is probably my worst flaw. If things start to get too tough (say, with schooling), and I don’t have the energy to deal with it, I drop out. I am wondering if it’s because I have this fear of failure, and so I drop out ahead of time. I am cheating myself, I know because in most cases, I’d probably end up doing fine.

Something to work through in therapy.


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I am tough ;)

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I’m just the opposite. When I should know enough to pack it in I just dig down further. Sometimes it works, sometimes I just dig myself a deeper hole. :)

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Nope, never and I pity those who do. All the fun and glory they miss out on!

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I used to have panic attacks because I was afraid of failure. This ceased when I was a senior in high school and my art history professor told me that failure wasn’t the end of the world. I’ve been unsuccessful at my fair share of things, but I think something only counts as a failure if you don’t take anything out of it. I wasn’t elected to an officer position for my Honors Society, but now I’m not afraid of trying get obtain leadership positions—(and those who did vote for me, showed me nothing but support and encouragement. It was wonderful.)

I still have moments where quitting just seems so much easier than investing myself in the process. I think most people do.

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I’m learned to evaluate which hills are worth dying on. Yes, I quit if I feel it won’t do any good to keep going, but I’m a damned terrier when I think it’s worth it.

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Absolutely not! Well unless you count smoking, which I quit some nine years ago now. Ahh but that’s good quitting, which is nice :¬)

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Definitely not a quitter.

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I’m persistent to a fault.

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Hellz yes, I do! I know my limits, if something is beyond me or I’ve over-committed myself…I’m out. I don’t want to half-ass it.

Thanks, now I have this in my head.

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Quitter is not in my vocabulary. i was 58 years old and completed my police academy for the second time. i sometimes prayed for death from the pain of running and the physical training. i did not give up! ever heard the saying “losers never win”? being a loser is being a quitter. start a goal and stick to it. being tough is the name of the game and determination.

I did it… can do it.

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Some games aren’t worth the candle; some are. The tricky part is learning to distinguish which is which.

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I haven’t been so far. When things get hard, I buckle down and work harder.

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No. When I set a goal I intend to accomplish it. I go after the things/people I want and I do not hold back. I can’t give up; life is too precious for it.

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I may take a step back just to re-evaluate the situation but I never quit! :-/

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I dropped out of the race a long time ago. I don’t believe in butting my head against a brick wall, but when I agree to take on a project, I make every effort to finish.

I have started several personal craft projects that turned out to be beyond my level, and they sit unfinished in my craft room.

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I’m a spineless worm and a coward and a weakling. The only thing I don’t ever quit is a mug of beer.

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In my opinion you have to really want to do something to begin with (in order to call it quitting). I think there is a difference between quitting something you really wanted to do compared with quitting something after realizing it wasn’t your cup of tea (but you had to try it first to find out). Yes there is a very thin line here. Motivation is the key here, not just curiosity.

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Depends…If it’s something like cross country then I’ll probably tire out almost instantly but I’ll push myself to finish (and not embarass myself).

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I am… aaah just forget it!

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