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How do I link my flickr page through my tumblr page?

Asked by Emilyy (2133points) March 29th, 2008

I have seen pages where they have thumbnails of their flickr pics on the side bar. I am internet-tarded and tumblr-tarded but I want to make my blog cooler. Help?

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First, you need to build a Flickr badge. To do so go here, select what type of badge you want and customize your badge if you want to. When you are done building, Flickr will give you some code. Copy this code.

Now paste this code onto the “Desciption” area on the “Customize” section of tumblr.

Does your theme have a sidebar? and the thumbnails might be positioned differently depending on what theme you are using. What theme are you using ?

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Demo site with flickr pictures

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I think I did it, actually:

I think the badge looks a little cheezy…is there any way to make it loock cooler? Hee hee.

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You can customize your badge to make it look anyway you want. What kind of badge do you want ?

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I don’t know, I think I saw one that just had pictures kind of running down the sidebar, instead of just a little box of them. But I think that this is okay for now. Let me see if I can find a better example of what I like.

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OK i made a vertical badge

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Ooh neat, how would I do that?

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-Go here
– Select HTML Badge and click NEXT
-Just select NEXT again for step 2
-For step 3, increase the number of photos to either 5 or 10 and click NEXT
-For step 4, customize the colors to your liking and hit NEXT
-Copy the code and paste it onto the description area.

PS> You should consider using this theme (shameless self advertisement) and also feel free to click the Great Answer button on fluther

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Thanks so much! Perfect!

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what about something like this?
is this possible?

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