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Which decade other than which you did, would you have loved to have spent your teenage years in?

Asked by ucme (50034points) September 23rd, 2010

I’ve read that out loud three times now & it still sounds clumsy. Oh well, here’s hoping you get my drift. Yeah, an entirely hypothetical piece of nonsense I know. Nevertheless could still arouse nostalgia in those who feel like “playing.” For me, my teenage years were highly enjoyable, but all things considered i’d probably have loved to have spent them in the 60’s…..make that the 1960’s. Yeah I know everyone seems to say that but hey, sounds like too good an oppurtunity to miss out on to me. Your turn please!

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The late 1950’s.

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This one. Digital natives are going to have a radically different way of looking at the world than any generation before them. I would be fascinated to know what that is like, having grown up just at the beginning of the internet age, and remembering a bit what it wasn’t like.

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70’s. Call me crazy, but I love bell bottoms, paisely, and tye dye!

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I would not change a thing. i was a teenager in the late 50s and married in the 60s. loved the music, loved gasoline at 29 cents a gallon, loved the clean air, loved no gangs, loved the lack of serious drug dealers and addicts, loved my job, loved my new house, loved my wife, loved my new car and loved my church. it was truly a great time to live.

The music truly made the big difference.

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The 1930’s.

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I spent my teenage years in the 90’s, so I would have to say the 70’s.

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I cannot comprehend growing up in a different decade, really. I know I could have, but since I am acquainted with the time I grew up, I don’t think I would love living in any other period. Being a teenager in the ‘90s wouldn’t have been a drastic difference… so if I had to choose, it would be that.

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I was a teenager in the 90s. I don’t know an exact decade that I would have loved to be a teen in, but I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to live back in the Renaissance time period.

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Definitely the 30’s. Musical rebellion, swing dancing, boys wearing zoot suits and fedoras. How lovely would it be to drive a kick-ass yellow roadster with a rumble seat?

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2000–2010 would be cool the next decade would be cooler as I love technology and can only imagine what I would have done with a computerized recording studio and cell phone as a teen! I might even text!! ;)

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I was a teen in the 60s and although it was way cool in retrospect, it wasn’t much of a picnic being a girl. Too many good schools weren’t co-ed, coming off the way the 50s raised daughters the messages were too mixed, and those of our friends and loved ones that weren’t killed in Nam were being spit on when they came home. I’d love to have the tech savvy of the last decade, but that had its own problems. Damn, I don’t know, I think I may have overthought this.

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The ‘40s (except for being drafted). I’ve always wanted to know if that decade looks anything it’s dipicted in the movies

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1970s and the future

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Right here right now. Wow what a world, all knowledge right in the palm of your hand. Information doubling every 6 months. 98% of all scientist throughout history are alive today. Can you even imagine whats next?

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@thekoukoureport, I don’t disagree, but me, I’m kinda sick of the future. I’ll take the past for a while.

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The 60’s. For music and fashion!

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The 80’s. I can’t resist the music.

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Flock of seagulls… Dexies midnight runner… Devo really I want to forget the 80’s but I can’t the torment will never leave me.

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The swinging 60’s!

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The early 1900’s. If not that then the 30’s and 40’s.

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The 80’s. I love 80’s music I can’t help it.

Or the 50’s. I love 50’s music too.

Or the 20’s/30’s. I love big band and jazz.

Or the… you get the point.

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Wish I could have been there for vaudeville…

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If I wasn’t afraid that I’d be lynched, the 1920s. Or I’d spend that decade in Paris or London. Oh, or the 60s, also in London.

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The 1960’s! I would have lived in the Haight, gone to Woodstock, worn a fringy leather vest with a matching headband, and decorated my entire house with love beads!

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I would have loved to have seen and experienced 1900 to 1910. The whole women’s movement would have been extremely interesting. All the technology that was still in its infancy would have been awe inspiring.

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The 60s. Those were some crazy, interesting times.

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I’d love to have been part of the eighties Goth subculture as a teen, but alas I was way too young back then. :(

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Would have been pretty cool to be in the US in the 1550’s

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@crazyivan 1550’s?
I don’t think there was a US in the 1550“s.

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