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What is the point of testing cosmetics on animals and what animals are used?

Asked by Aster (19126points) September 23rd, 2010

What do we gain by testing, say, foundation or lipstick on animals? What do we think would happen to us if we used untested cosmetics like these?

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We don’t gain anything. They test cosmetics mainly on rodents (especially rabbits) to test toxicity levels, irritants, etc. There is much contest against vivisection about whether the test results on animals are viably comparable to humans.

With cosmetics in particular… most use the same ingredients and should, logically, rely on the same tests for those ingredients. If various levels of carmine have already been tested, why do they need to be tested again for newer products? That doesn’t make any sense whether you support cosmetic testing or not.

This was the debate topic I chose for my communications class. It’s been a few years since I have done research on this, but I’m very strongly against it.

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The industry arguement is they don’t know how something will react in the real world. Then look at muppetish’s answer. I agree with that. Rabbitts get a lot of the abuse.

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