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Easy - what are your goals (what are you working on right now). Name 5, if you have 'em?

Asked by Jude (32134points) September 23rd, 2010

1. mental health (dealing with depression, grief and family issues), long walks/enjoying nature (peaceful) – crucial
2. physical health (more active/exercise – helps with the depression, eat well)
3.Night school (working on Masters in French Language Education)
4. get back into my hobbies (cooking, guitar, and painting)
5. put money away for a house


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lol. @mama_cakes : We have some of the same goals.

1. Mental health. Taking my medication as prescribed. Thinking positively. Saying “fuck you!” to my depression.
2. Physical health. Getting back into an exercise regimen.
3. Writing my blog. Daily.
4. Relaxing. I’m normally very uptight. I need to chill out.
5. Doing fun things with my kids. Asking them what they want to do.

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1) To be the best husband/father I can be.
2) To keep healthy in both mind and body.
3) To remain gainfully employed until I don’t have to anymore.
4) To reach the point where I can work because I want to and not because I need the money as quickly as possible.
5) To continue breathing for the next 60+ years at least until I’m 110

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1. Get my graduate applications together and submitted.
2. Get Alexey prepared for his G&T exam in January.
3. Lose some more weight.
4. Put money aside for Ark’s pre-school.
5. To have more sex, sleep and yoga.

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1.Pack some more muscle on
2.I want to run a few miles without gimping.
3.Save up the cash to get an operation by next year.
4.Get as much artwork done as I can
5.See my friends and family more often :)

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1. Finish my Pre-IB an IB diploma.
2. Right now am doing homework, and my goal is to finish it as quick as possible so that I can go to sleep.
3. To improve my vvocabulary.
4. After finishing my studies, I can think of getting boyfriends and maybe get married, who knows :P
5. settle down while working with something that I really enjoy, but at the moment I don’t know what I want to be in the future. Though right now am pretty much obsessed with anything beauty related especially nails and nail polish.

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Growing old gracefully
Enjoying family more
Enjoying life more (travel)
Concentrate on finishing projects

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1. To not keep forgetting things
2. What was the question again?
3. To not keep forg…....
4. Must answer with more maturity
5. To receive a GA from jjmah I mean @mama_cakes

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1. Start doing some physical exercise (running, cycling (longer distances)).
2. Quit smoking.
3. Get my finances/administration on track.
4. If my girlfriend agrees (and she probably does) learn how to dance the tango and/or the rumba and/or the bossa nova.
5. Emigrate to Greece.

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1. To get a 4.0 again this quarter, as well as for Winter and Spring quarters.
2. Save up money to go to London for Spring Break.
3. Apply and get accepted to a graduate program.
4. Graduate in the Spring.
5. Start doing some sort of exercise (yeah right)

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1. Get my Bachelor’s degree
2. Find a civilian job (separating from military)
3. Gain 30 pounds
4. Talk more
5. Save more money

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1. Be more observant
2. Improve communication skills
3. Learn more information for work

That’s all I’m really working on at the minute. Everything else I’m content with.

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hmm, let’s see:

1) starting a business
2) being a little healthier (baby steps: not drinking as much, eventually eating less & better, joining a gym… grr)
3) get a job
4) learn how to budget
5) start working on these goals

… and go!

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Spend more time with my family and friends
Buy my company
Sell my house
Be able to start running again
Leave a steamer on my neighbors lawn when I move.

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1. Get the house clean before my husband gets here so I don’t have to do any major housework for the two weeks he’s here.
2. Bake cookies and brownies for when he gets home.
3. Get all dressed up and ready to go.
4. Pick up my husband at the airport.
5. Enjoy the 2 weeks we get together as best we can without thinking about him going back overseas the whole time!

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1. Vacation to Hawaii
2. Vacation here
3. Live in Sweden for 6 months to a year
4. Become a fantastic tennis player I play often but I’m not as good as I’d like to be yet.
5. Move to San Francisco As long as next month goes well.

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1. Get off my butt and eat something for lunch.
2. Unload and reload the dishwasher.
3. Get some sleep (I’m on the 3rd day with less than 3 hours of sleep a night.).
4. Call the vet.
5. Maybe find some long term goals. :/

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These are the goals I’m currently actively working on:

1. Paying off my debts (should have this accomplished soon).

2. Increasing my level of physical fitness (making great strides here).

3. Moving forward in my career (going very well lately too).

4. Enjoying the little things in life more (and loving this)

5. Doing (one by one) all the little remodeling/redecorating jobs I’ve been putting off (this has been really rewarding and enjoyable. I did a very inexpensive makeover of my bathroom and it has become a sanctuary and contributed greatly to #4 on my list)

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1. Eat better and be more active. My goal is to get healthy now so I can prevent any crap from happening to me and my body.
2. Get my Bachelor’s degree and then see what my options are.
3. Write more. Become better at it.
4. Take a class of some sort, like ballroom dancing or fencing.
5. Make money somehow, and save, save, save.

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1. Get less anxious about teaching and maybe do it more
2. Add more meaningful activities to my life
3. Stop fantasizing about things I can’t have
4. Find my bliss
5. Be more content

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1. Put Mozart and Edison in their places.
2. Kill for the sheer thrill of it.
3. Lose weight.
4. Become insanely rich.
5. Become Don Juan Clooney.

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1. Pay off debts
2. Get a new job
3. Rebuild my credit
4. Get my mom into a new home
5. Get married

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1) Be awesome at my job and build it into a career
2) Pay off debts and save up money
3) Go vegetarian (currently down to eating fish or poultry 2–3 times a week)
4) Become an amazing chef
5) Someday open my own restaurant with an awesome wine program and healthy seasonal food.

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1:Get my community service
2:Become famous drummer
3:get a pet wolf
I’ll think of the last two later…. I’ll send something bak up when I can.

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1 Get as much free time as possible for writing and get published!
2 Enjoy making music as often as possible
3 Enjoy more time with my wife, and try to help her reduce her anxiety
4 Make sure my children learn enough to support themselves on their own
5 Fix the house

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1. Finish my undergraduate study with a B.A. in English Literature.
2. Get into a graduate school (shooting for both a Masters and Ph.D in Children’s Literature.)
3. Submit academic papers / creative pieces to conventions (Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Australia and Austria – all require different prompts, and I’m submitting two separate works to the one in Pittsburgh.)
4. Continue working on my novel (which one isn’t as important.)
5. Reconnect with a friend.

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1. Be a better person – I have a ways to go on this one!!
2. Be an all around healthy person – I think I’m reasonable close to this one.
3. Meet some amazing guys and have fun with them, without thinking about being bf and gf
4. Be a better older sister…. Pretty much impossible (if you know what I mean), but I’d like it to happen.
5. Have a good life in general :)

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1. Get my home loan modified and in my name alone. (I could use lots of prayers for that one.)
2. Marry and move in with the man of my dreams.
3. Finish my coursework and student teach in fall 2011.
4. Move away from here.
5. Be the best mom I can possibly be to my boys (by no means the least on my list, and a constant goal).
Tied for fifth!
5. Work on my spiritual life and build my faith every single day (by no means the least on my list, and a constant goal).

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1 get into a good college
2 take the ap calc test and do well (i have had this one since 7th grade and am in ap calc right now, so close to completion)
3 be a leader of the back stage (i dot know why just do)
4 get a girlfriend.. now i know this isnt hard for most people but i’m willing to face facts i’m a nerd
5 long term dream/ goal visit every continent (dont expect this to happen but cant hurt to try)
most of my gaols are short term because of the point in my life.

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@whothei0 Btw, being a nerd isn’t all that bad. I’m a nerd and will be very surprised if any boyfriends of mine aren’t nerds. ^_^

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1. Get married
2. Find an awesome apartment and job
3. Learn French
4. Eat healthy
5. Be happy

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