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I'm going to shave my head. How do I do it? How do I take care of it?

Asked by ChelseaAsksWhy (22points) September 23rd, 2010

I’m going to shave my head this weekend and I’m not sure what all I need to do. I’ve read some articles so I know to cut it really short first, but what kind of shaving gel do I use? And do I need aftershave? Will I still wash my “hair”? Or will I need to get a specific type of cleanser? I have some dry spots on my scalp already. Will they look really bad? Will they get better because of this?

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I’d get some help to do the actual shaving. Clip the hair short, any shaving gel will do but I particulalry like shaving cream. Take your time with the shaving. You don’t want cuts on all over your head. DO NOT PUT AFTERSHAVE ANYWHERE NEAR FRESHLY SHAVED SKIN. It will hurt like hell, and will dry the skin out.

After that treat your scalp like you treat your face. Use the same face wash and moisteriser. Make sure you use sun screen as well.

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a barber can do this easily with an electric shaver…don’t use razors that are dull because you will cut yourself…

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It can be uncomfortable to shave your head for the first time, you may have some irritation. I agree with @Lightlyseared that you should not use aftershave and that you should find someone to give you a hand with the actual shaving.

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Once you’ve cut it short enough to shave you’ll need a really good razor. I shave mine every other day whilst in the shower. I use Nivea sensitive shave gel and a Gilette Fusion 5 blade razor. I do the back of my head and round my ears first, and then the sides, shaving upwards against the hair to finish to make sure it’s really smooth. When doing the top of my head I run the razor front to back, as if I was combing my hair backwards. I do this twice to make sure I don’t miss any. Before I rinse I run my hand over to make sure it’s completely smooth and I haven’t missed any. When done I put Nivea sensitive aftershave balm on it to give it some moisture. Between shaves I wash with shampoo and slap some moisturiser on to keep it shiny. Don’t forget if you go out in the sun to wear a hat or some suncream :-)

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I suggest you have a professional do it, and follow their recommendations.

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I’ve been shaving my head for about 8 years now. Use normal scissors to chop it down as much as you possibly can first. Then just go ahead and use normal shaving cream/gel and a razor. Go slowly, washing the razor frequently, because it’ll get clogged more quickly than it will during a normal shave hereafter. I generally find it easier to shave in the shower, as you don’t have to worry about cream or water getting all over the place as you try to shave and rinse.

You’ll definitely want to wash your scalp. I’ve personally found that just bar soap doesn’t do it – my scalp feels slimy if I only use soap. For a long time I was actually using shampoo (just a drop or two, though, so a bottle would last me like half a year). But now I use the same bodywash I use for my face and rest of my body.

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Also, I can’t over-stress @Lightlyseared‘s last point enough. USE SUNSCREEN. Always. Every day you’re going outside for an extended period of time, whether it’s July or December. That skin on top of your head is not used to the sun, and it will BURN like crazy if you don’t protect it.

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