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What kind of TV broadcasting do Americans use?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) September 23rd, 2010

Just earlier I released that there is no Sky TV in America, well I asked around and was told that TV is almost unwatchable in the US. Is this true?

(For those unfamiliar with Sky TV)
It is a set top box, broadcasts in full HD, about 1000 channels,10 (est) sky movie channels with no ads, 3D broadcasting, record pause rewind, new pre recorded content every week for anytime viewing, broadcasts via satellite and has an online player. About €50 a month.

So what is there like that over there?

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American TV blows…

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That bad huh…

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This is kinda sounding like an advert for Sky TV.

But really who watches TV any more? You can stream/download the shows and films you want to watch over the internet and leave the 1000 odd channels of crap to those shmucks stuck in the 20th century.

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Ya, I am known for inadvertently advertising things. Simple reason I watch TV, at a national max of 7mbs. Streaming simply doesn’t work.

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Are you British? We don’t pay a licence fee here, so we have different tiers of TV service, but the vast majority of our networks are set up like ITV. You only get a set-top box if you have cable or satellite, and then you’d get the DVR and all those features, as well.

This thoroughly explains US TV, because it’s a convoluted distribution system. And the US does have some very kickass shows, just so you know. Mad Men & Entourage are just two of them.

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