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So... Where are y'all from?

Asked by YoBob (12823points) September 23rd, 2010

On other similar sites, while there were a few folks from “across the pond”, the vast majority of inhabitants were from the good old USA. However, I have noticed a pretty respectable population of folks from countries other than the US here on Fluther.

So… I’m from Texas. What about you?

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Monterrey, Mexico.

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Hmm, I don’t have “bob” in my name… still ok if I answer? ;-)

England, “across the pond”.

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The Yo. No, seriously. Youngstown, Ohio… affectionately referred to by locals as “The Yo.”

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I am from the van parked outside your house ;)

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Grew up in Central New York
Currently residing in Southwestern Illinois

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Cork, Ireland

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Across the pond from @harple, in the Netherlands.

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Originally from Delaware. Currently living in Kansas and preparing to move in 2011 to Maryland (hopefully).

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Michigan Surrounded by the Great Lakes

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@lucillelucillelucille Well, I’d invite you in for dinner, but my wife might get a bit upset. ;)

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@YoBob-Just bring a plate out to the van XD

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I’m from the North East of England. Why aye man! Just dinna call us a geordie alreet!! :¬)

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Where the humuhumunukunukuapua’a swim in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

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I live not far outside Nashville, Tennessee, but being an Army brat, I’m “from” a lot of places, including a stint in Hawaii, so Aloha @hawaii jake

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Aloha, @diavolobella, right back at you!

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North-west England. The rainy bit.

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Overpopulated Mudball.

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Just outside the Windy City.

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The Big Tomato.

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Uh, that’s Sacramento.

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I grew up in Indiana, then moved to Connecticut after college.

I much prefer Connecticut.

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Massachusetts, 30 miles or so northwest of Boston.

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Fairhope, Alabama. I believe it’s on the list of top places to retire… We have flowers on top our trash cans…

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100 miles E of Dallas; grew up in south NJ.

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@erichw1504 – Where in Central NY if I may ask? That’s my dad’s hoe ground.

@TheOnlyNeffie – I’m only a couple of counties away from you!

Currently live in NE Ohio, grew up in Western New York. Spent a year in central Georgia where I learned that humidity and I are not friends.

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El Dorado county California

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I’m from The U of K.

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San Francisco Bay Area, California (specifically the peninsula, right now I’m in Palo Alto).

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Portland, Oregon.

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suburbs of Washington, DC, home of boring government contractors, overachieving kids, frumpy working moms, Ann Taylor Loft and Starbucks.

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France, Limoges to be exact. But I lived most of my life in Canada.

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I’ve been living about 15 miles northwest of Los Angeles, CA for over 36 years.
I’ve been living in that same general area for about 54 years.

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Grew up in the US (Virginia mainly) and have been camped out in Memphis, TN, for the past 18 years. Planning a move to England.

@diavolobella You should befriend johnpennington, who is also in the Nashville area. You two could be Fluther’s version of Law & Order.

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Denver, Colorado

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Born and raised in Virginia. Moved a few times, but always stayed in the state.
I’m currently in Northern Virginia.

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Born on Mars during the retrograde obit, currently living in Philadelphia, home of the once and future world champion Philadelphia Phillies!

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In North Carolina now; for previous years, see @diavolobella

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A suburb in San Gabriel Valley, California (which is part of the eastern region of L.A. County.) I’ve lived here my entire life, but my parents grew up in Downey, California.

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Are you going to Stanford?

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Between the foothills and Sacramento.

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@Pied Pfeffer. I actually have befriended John. :)

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Seeley Lake, Montana

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Mobile, Alabama.

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Denver, Colorado

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I’m from Hawaii.

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I have a map here.

Send me a pm and I will add you if you want.

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I am from Florida

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I’m a bit further north than @ucme I’m in Glasgow, Scotland.

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The map is a google spreadsheet and is public. You can add yourself here. But it is really fickle about lat and long. I put a few people in the pacific when I missed a negative sign.

And if anyone fucks up the spreadsheet I can simply revert in two seconds and lock it. Don’t be a dick!

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@johnpowell Ok, I think I successfully added myself.

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I was born in Pa USA, lived up and down the coast, NYC, DC, Va, Md. finally made the big move to Australia and have lived up and down the coast here, Sydney to Queensland to NT and now back to Queensland. I love it here!

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Grew up just outside Washington, DC. Now I live in West Virginia.

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Virginia Beach, VA
Moved to Hamilton, NJ

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@johnpowell Cool spreadsheet. How does one view it as points on a map?

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@harple Thanks!

I missed @johnpowell‘s earlier post with the link to the map.

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@papayalily :: Yep. That worked.

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Ah’m frae Bonnie Scotland ye ken.

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South Africa.

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Bwwwwwwwwwzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (sound of vuvuzelas).

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LOL…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (i hate those things) :P

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I used to live in Sepulveda, CA and now I live in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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“The Yo. No, seriously. Youngstown, Ohio… affectionately referred to by locals as ‘The Yo’.”

After I read your post, I thought that maybe the OP also lives in Youngstown. ;-)

BTW, if there was someone named Yale Owens who lived in the YO, what would be a good nickname for him?

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Texas, huh? That doesn’t surprise me.

I’m from Ontario, Canada.

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@flutherother I adore your country. I’ve been there on holiday so many times (and planning my next one there too)

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Glad to hear it. Have a great time!

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@downtide Do you have room in your suitcase for a cute li’l punkin? ~

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I am 60 miles South of @AstroChuck and @YARNLADY, and about 45 miles North of @DominicX. They might come tee pee my house or pummel me down with stale French bread….

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Am I the only one from Asia in here?

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