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What is your very first memory?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) September 23rd, 2010

Can you think what your very earliest memory is?

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Playing in a sandbox.

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I remember the day I walked.It was on my first birthday.
Now,I can’t remember where I put my car keys.Go figure;)

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Falling flat on my face as I stepped down the stairs outside my back door. I was about three…because after that we built a big deck back there.

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Being in a crib at Mom’s house and playing with the plastic strip that covered the wooden frame. Also, the crib at Grammy’s house that had painted wooden geometrical blocks that could be spun.

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I’m not sure. I have a lot of memories where I know I was very young but I have no idea how young. They include birthday parties, brushing my teeth, taking showers with my mom yikes, terrorizing my dogs, pretending I was a dog and barking at people walking by my house…

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My first memory was accidentally rolling off of our couch at the time. Turned out, I thought it was fun and kept doing it. Durning the play, my parents temporarily moved the couch into my room so they could bring in a brand new couch. I was sad about this because the new couch was lower than the old one. The lesser height made rolling off the edge infinitely less fun.

I don’t remember how old I was, but when I mention the memory to my folks, they can’t believe that I remember that day.

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My dad pushing me on a tire swing with my sister. It was really close to a rosebush, and he liked to push it hard, so it would spin like crazy. Really scary and really fun!

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I was walking down the street with my mom trying to keep the sleeve above the nasty owie the man had put in my shoulder and feeling unjustly treated. It was my smallpox vaccination, when I was two. I think it was the injustice that kept it it my mind!

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I’m not sure which exactly was the literal first, as I have several from around the same time. I think my first memory is of my first Halloween when I was 2. I went as Big Bird and it was apparently a landmark in my life because I remember loads about that night. I have others such as asking my grandma to write my name in cursive because I couldn’t read cursive and playing with my grandparents’ dogs, all around the same time.

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Not the first, but one of the firsts is where i am sitting before the hi-fi, eyeing my Donald Duck magazine, when suddenly is see my grandma in the living room.
I am surprised to see her here, because she didn’t live with us, and i am told (they probably saw my surprised face) that she’ll take care of me and my brother for some time because my mum is in hospital.
Soon i will have a new baby brother or sister.

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My aunt tickling me and tickling me and tickling me…set the stage for a huge disdain for that lady and tickling.

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I was about 2 and I remember running with my brothers out of a burning apartment building.

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walking up in my crib, and looking at the window drapes. They had cows jumping over the moon.

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I was on a plane with my family when I was two. My brother and I both threw up. We compared the contents of our barf bags and saw that mine was lighter than his. I remember thinking, “Yes, this makes sense, because my hair is lighter than my brother’s.”

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Watching an F5 tornado with my dad.

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Sometimes I think my first memory is of someone on fluther asking what my first memory was. But they didn’t have fluther when I was making my first memory.

I was riding on a train on Cape Cod.I have no idea where the train went. I think I was four.

I was with my Grandfather and maybe my siblings. It was one of those open trains for tourists. It had steps up to the carriage, and I think my Grandfather was standing on those steps. I suspect I wanted to do that, too, but that’s not part of the memory.

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@wundayatta You must be old!! I wish there were still trains on Cape Cod.

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@sliceswiththings There are still trains on Cape Cod. They just do special event things now

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When I was around 2ish, I remember I wasn’t aloud to jump on any beds, and Gem and the Holograms came on the TV in my mom and dad’s room. I was alone, so I closed the door and push a laudry basket up to the door, and I jumped on the bed along to the cartoon. I know I was 2ish because we moved out of that house when I was almost 3.
I remember my brother would scare me with his Gene Simmons mask (I was very young,2ish), so my mom took it away from him.
I have alot of early memories but I’m not too sure which is the earliest.

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@TheOnlyNeffie um…that had to pretty memorable! Wow!

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@Cruiser yes, very. It started my lifelong love of storm watching.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I don’t know what set me off but I have to set out lawn chairs for thunderstorms.

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@Cruiser that’s my kind of picnic.

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JFK’s funeral. I was the same age as JFK Jr. And I was mad as hell that someone stole his dad from him.

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I don’t know what my first memory was, but my friends have always thought of me as abnormal for being able to remember so much of the details from when I was a kid. I think one of my earliest memories is from my aunt’s house when I was one or two. I was sitting in the playpen watching The Andy Griffith Show on the telly. I also remember going into my cousins’ room (it made my room seem organized in comparison) and I remember my mum putting ice on my face when I busted my bottom row up teeth through my upper lip (a small television set had fallen on me… don’t ask.)

I have another memory when I was in a stroller at the mall with my parents. And I can remember Christmas at my grandmother’s house. She gave me socks :) I don’t know my age from either of those instances, but I was definitely younger than four.

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My second Christmas. My one year old sister was just learning to walk and she knocked over the child size toy kitchen we got. I started crying, and my three year old brother came over and said “I fix it, I fix it”, which he did.

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Riding my very first bike.

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Going down a wooden slide in my JK class and getting a sliver on my bum.

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I have a few very early ones, and I’m not sure which is chronologically earliest.

One is me sitting on the couch – I was about three and a half, and my brother was having his diaper changed. He stood up, Mom handed him the diaper. He went to throw it away, and got his foot stuck under the refrigerator.
He had to go to the hospital and have stitches. Then there were a few more trips to the hospital for Billy – he always shoved things up his nose. Lima beans, cereal, small toys… then it’d take half the nurses in the hospital to hold him down while a doctor fished out whatever it was. Then I’d get a lollipop because I wasn’t a baby. ^_^

Another is actually a dream, from living in that same apartment. In the dream I was in the kitchen helping my father set a mouse trap. We didn’t have any real cheese so I drew a picture of cheese and put it on the mousetrap. I came back later and there was a paper mouse stuck in the trap.

And the third is my dad reading to me. A lot of my memories are of my dad and I reading together – reciting “Gunga Din” by Rudyard Kipling, or very seriously paging through “The Hobbit”. There was the odd Dr. Seuss book, too. I remember when Dr. Seuss died. I was in the first grade, I heard the ladies in the school library talking about it, and I was inconsolable the rest of the day. I’d never heard of anyone dying before, but somehow I knew it meant he was gone forever.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I love that paper mouse dream.

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@mama_cakes Thanks! I’ve always had vivid, memorable dreams. There are a couple from my young childhood that still really scare me when I think about them.

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I had pulled a chair up to the back door, which had a window in it, and watched my older sisters go off to school. I must have been about 2. I was scared to be left alone.

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I was really hyper-active as a young’in; so much so that my parents had to lock me in my room at night. Otherwise I would roam the house and get into mischief whilst everyone slept. My parents basically had no other option after finding me in the kitchen with the stove burners on high. Anyhow, was 3ish and I remember looking under my room door into the hallway. Apparently, I would yell “hi Dad” or “hi Mom” whenever they walked by.

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It was preschool. Some asshole knocked over my building block tower. All the teacher did was give me extra Saltines & apple juice after nap-time. But that bastard still got his juice & crackers.

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I’m not very sure which is the first one but I have 3 early memories.
My mom and my grandpa telling me “mommy and daddy won’t live together anymore but they will still love me”
When I almost drowned in the sea.
When I had such a high fever that I hallucinated(I found out years later that I hallucinated)
All of them we’re around 4 years old

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Coloring. I remember coloring and watching black and white TV

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Being at a farm, i’d probably be about 2 or 3 when a horse started to chew on the ends on my hair as my dad was holding me up to pet another horse.

Funny how we remember the silly things :)

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My very first memory is of waking up in a crib and watching an electric light hanging from the ceiling above me. I was interested in it because if I stared at it and then looked away it generated colours that I found fascinating. My parents were already up and were downstairs but I didn’t think of yelling for them.

A later memory is of my father taking me for a walk on a miserable wet morning. We walked by a grey stream and it was cold. We crossed this stream with some difficulty and then miracle of miracles, as I fished about in the pockets of my plastic raincoat I found a sweetie. It was a bit sticky but I popped it into my mouth and the day seemed to brighten from then on.

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Probably age 4 or 5, my dad bringing home a huge fish he caught.

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Looking at a toy i had hanging above my cot, my father was in the kitchen cooking something, it was about 2pm to 6pm on a fairly bright day. there was some kind of bug on the wall that i did not like the look of. i would have been about 1 or 2.

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Playing under the dining room table with my dolls. It was a huge table and the perfect place to hang out. I would have been about 3, I think.

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not a good one

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My first memory is actually a smell – sheep’s milk at lambing time. I have no other memories of that part of my life whatsoever (up to the age of 3½) but if I visit a farm and smell fresh sheep’s milk now I’m transported back in time; it’s a most peculiar sensation.

Amongst my first memories after that is on my 5th birthday, I was bought my first bicycle, and was allowed to ride it round and round the kitchen (as it was still clean at this point)! Also, I used to try and play snooker on the coffee table, with a bit of branch and toy balls!

Ooh, and I remember biting my new Dad, aged 4… I really didn’t know what to make of everything that was going on at that point…

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When I was about 3, I remember hiding behind a rock in a snowstorm with my sister so the “blizzard” couldn’t find us. I thought it was a white dinosaur-like thingy.

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@Seek_Kolinahr what a cool dream. My second earliest memory was also a dream that I had when I was 4. It involved a flood that rose so high that it was touching my chin, and gigantic earthworms chasing after me in the water.

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@JilltheTooth yeah, I remember that dream being really scary. In the dream my dad couldn’t hear me calling for help, so when I woke up I asked him why he didn’t want to save me. lol

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Sitting on my dads shoulders watching the local carnival. I was about three years old. I’m glad to have that as my first memory and there are still times when I have to sit on my dads shoulders to get a better view I’m 24 years old!

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