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Do you usually let people know how you are feeling or do you like to keep that private?

Asked by flutherother (29167points) September 23rd, 2010

Do you tend to hide your feelings from others, or not.

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I am very good at saying how I feel XD

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I usually hold it tight. My problems are my problems and I tend to dislike it when people think I want to hear about their problems. Keep your problems to yourself or pay for therapy. Unless I am asking you, I don’t wanna hear about it.

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It feels great to let people know how you feel….they on the other hand may feel a bit different.

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I let my husband know what’s going on and how I feel. I really don’t tell most of my family when I’m down or something is wrong because they are so far away and they feel bad when they can’t be here to help me.

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I keep it to myself mostly. Not cuz I’m emo, but because I’m too shy lol.

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I totally believe in expressing feelings and I totally can’t do it. Even at the therapist’s office. Well sometimes there. But that doesn’t count because it goes nowhere.

My wife needs to hear me say “I love you.” I do love her, but the feeling is more abstract now; not like it was when I first met her and it overwhelmed me. Saying “I love you,” in that dry way isn’t appetizing, but I do it because it helps her feel connected to me.

Mostly the feeling words don’t come to me. I tend to try to channel everything into practicalities. If I’m angry, I figure that isn’t very useful at getting me what I want. Maybe in the short term, I’ll intimidate someone with my anger, but in the long term, they won’t want to do anything for me at all.

Today, I was preparing a presentation (making slides). I was anxious about it, and more so as the event got closer. But who am I going to tell that I’m anxious? Instead I started compulsively scratching my head. I can get lost in that, and scratch away for long periods of time, which I didn’t have. Still, it was amazing how hard it was to pull myself away from that and back to my work.

So I guess I tend to keep things to myself. I could tell my wife, but that would be long after the fact, so it wouldn’t help. I could tell her things in real time, but that’s really hard. I prefer to manage my way out of situations. We’re both like that. It’s not always good.

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I can,when I want to. I tend to do this when someone I hate talk to me,well most of them are hypocrite people,I will listen in half-heart like ignoring them. Although I also tend to ignore them all the time.

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I’m starting to think I’m completely not able to communicate to other humans correctly. I’m constantly misunderstood and seen as heartless, I guess. I would like to let people know when I’m feeling “insert emotion here”, but it seems like no one actually cares anyway. The people that are “supposed” to care don’t, so why inform them when I’m feeling anguish, pain, sorrow, happiness? It just seems irrelevant.

The sad thing is that I really try when am interested in a woman. I tell them that “I want to be completely myself and not hold back anything.” That’s a pretty good statement to say that I’m interested and would try anything to make it work, right? Anyways, it never works out anyway and I continue on not caring until something else enters my life sparking something in my heart and I try to share my life with that. I just wish that time was sooner…

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I always let people now how I feel.

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I let people know what I feel. The only thing I would hold back is something that might hurt there feelings or make them upset.

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Negative feelings i tend to keep to myself, but feelings of love, and excitement etc i tend to share with anyone who will listen :)

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I tend to keep my feelings to myself. I don’t know why. If the feeling is especially powerful then I like to speak to others about it but only with the closest of friends or with my family.

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Yes I do try to hide my feelings from others. but what you see is what you get with me, so I think my feelings must show anyway.

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