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Will adults with disabilities be able to keep their parents insurance for life or after twenty six?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) September 23rd, 2010

I wonder if anyone is familiar with this.
I realize policies are different but the insurance companies are not up front with such information.

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It will not matter. Under the new Health plan you can not be turned down due to a preexsisting condition. Thanks Mr. President

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I think it’s going to depend on the individual insurance company. The new health care reform laws only specify that plans which offer dependent coverage must offer it until at least age 26. It doesn’t specify (as near as I can find, anyway) anything for after age 26 – that is, it’s up to the individual company if they want to continue such coverage for dependents.

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@thekoukoureport It matters a whole heck of a lot, actually. Sure, they can’t be turned down for a pre-existing condition, but they can definitely be turned down due to inability to actually pay for it. An adult with disabilities might not be able to earn an income, and therefore might not be able to afford health insurance on his/her own, and thus need to be on his/her parents’ plan.

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Actually if you cant afford to pay for it the government is supposed to subsidize the premiums for you. Check with your state social services. I’m sure that if you can’t pay for health insurance, for whatever reason, it will be provided for you and your parents should not have to pay for it.

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My son is autistic and he is twenty.
He will be dependent. He will never make enough to support himself. Unless there is a cure. He will always need support.
The insurance companies give vague answers and different Representatives give different answers. The lawyers are searching for loopholes.
Most people do not understand until they are affected.
I wish we had a lawyer on here.
Thank you everyone.

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my heartfelt thoughts @philosopher I hope the words I typed above will be true for all of us. Especially those in greatest need for a society is judged on how it treats its lowliest of citizens, and I fear alot of that is going to change. I think we finally started down the right road but the roadblock is massive. Please vote.

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Thank you.
I believe the problem is a lack of empathy for each other.
People are very short sighted and do not comprehend what matters until their families are effected.
Example Nancy Regan’s view on Stem Cell research.
People fear helping others based on greed. People fear Science based on ignorance.

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