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Where can I watch High Quality streaming Movies?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) March 29th, 2008

Now that stage6 is closed down, I have difficulties finding high quality movies. Please direct to some great sites to help me out

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Do you want streaming or downloads?

For streaming, it’s not very high quality, but SurfTheChannel has good movies/tv shows.

jrpowell's avatar Has a bunch of movies you can stream. The quality is OK but it is free and legal.

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Although not really hi-def, is pretty awesome.

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OV Guide has links to hundreds of these illegal movie sites and they also have a search engine to search multiple sites for movies. Now that stage6 is down, most high quality movies are being hosted at

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how about i havent tried it but some of my friends use that site.

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The best site/program I use is iTunes. You see its great because its legal, so the FED’s won’t be busting down my door anytime telling me to pay money to all the production companies or anything!

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You can watch movies online free with high quality videos.

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