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Will old European currency become worth anything ever again?

Asked by Zyx (4152points) September 23rd, 2010

I have a small box full of coins and a few bills which are probably worthless but still fascinating as I don’t know where or when half of them are from. The other half however are just European coins from before the Euro and I was wondering if anyone thinks they’ll ever be worth something.

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Collectors will at some point become interested in them. Keep them in good shape.

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I think the trading value will be very very low for a very very long time (like 100+ years).

But you could make some cool currency displays, picture frames with coins and or bills. Maybe on a map?

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Depends on how soon Europe fractures again. It seems the countries merge and split continually depending on the prevailing economic and political situations.

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Probably not. Unless the coins you have would have been valuable for some other reason, for some rarity or mistake in minting. They won’t be valuable just because they were pre-Euro, I don’t think. There would have been so very, very many of them minted. My Dad made a nice little clock using coins from the trip we made to the Caribbean when I was a kid, using the coins from various islands as the hours. It was a little tacky, but he liked it. You would have been better off buying Euros around 2005 and selling them for dollars. I took a trip to Rome in 2005 and the Euro was worth about .96 cents to the American dollar. I should have bought a whole lot of Euros then. I could have made about a 50% profit. Oh, well… if we all had crystal ball we would all be rich.

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I agree with @jaytkay I think they will eventually but it’ll take a century or two.

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@lilycoyote That diem can still be carpe’d; currency is fluctuating all over the place. I worked with a guy once who’d buy and sell money on the side; he made a tidy profit out of it.
I think that you could do it with PayPal.

@WestRiverrat Oh, I hope that we won’t have to wait long for that. I want Italy back. And I’ve got a few smug noses that could stand a rubbing in the Euro’s downfall.

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I’m in the same boat. I have a jar full of European coins and a few bills. I figured I would pass them down to my grand kids, if I ever have grand kids, as a history lesson or something old they could collect. I agree with @jaytkay, maybe in a hundred years they’ll be worth something as a collectible.

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I have some that might already be that old too but I’d have to get them checked out to know for sure.

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The bills are not worthless. They can be converted to euros.

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@mattbrowne I specified “old european coins” but thanks.

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And a few bills?

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@mattbrowne I specified “specified” but thanks.


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The euro is alive and kicking.

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