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Does anyone have some inexplicable dislike of some number?

Asked by kissmesoftly (406points) September 23rd, 2010

I know, I know, it’s funny, but I always hated the number 8. I don’t know why. Does anyone else hate a number?

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I dislike most odd numbers, except seven and thirteen. I love the number four.

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I love the numbers 3.14…(its just awesome) 90, 45, 42, and 12 haha

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Any number ending in 13 is my friend. i have won lots of money on that number. number 9 is also lucky and 11. uh oh, 9–11.

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I don’t especially like 7.

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Never liked 10 or 12 much. Probably because they get way too much attention compared to my favorite number, 11. 10 and 12 are just plain overrated. :P

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7 is devious. 5 is too noisy. 9 is a bully. 6 is a priss. The others are OK, especially 4.

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Numbers and I have a mutual distaste for each other in general… but for some reason, I can’t stand 4 and 12. Maybe because they were the hardest of the times tables for me back in Elementary school. Lost out on an ice cream party because of those suck-ass numbers.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I like 4 and 12, so thats funny. I couldn’t stand how 5+8=13, even though I don’t have a problem with 5 or 13….

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Urgh. Don’t get me started on addition. I end up getting it confused with multiplication, and we’re all in trouble. (you mean 5+8 isn’t 48? or something?)

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“Hell and fire was spawned to be released”

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^^ Thas right.

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That’s a great song.

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I love that song :D

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The number 4. I don’t like the shape and when I see it then it strikes me as sterile.

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(I realize your question is about an ‘inexplicable’ dislike, but I have a reason & I feel I must share)
I have a deep seeded anger towards two numbers, 1,000 & 1,000,000. That’s right – one thousand & one million. I can’t stand them. They are the most overused numbers in our culture. Whenever someone exaggerates & embellishes a personal statistic, their go-to number is always one thousand/million. “Dude, I have seen this movie a thousand times.” “Oh my god, Mom. I have like, told you a million times – ‘Don’t buy me the cherry lipgloss!’”

People use these numbers too much. They have lost all meaning & effectiveness. I wish to put a moratorium on their usage, both public & private. Please, people – can’t we think of a more creative number to say in these situations? Or maybe try using an accurate number of representation. People may take you more seriously. I beg of you, leave the thousand & million out of your silly little life stats. They didn’t do anything to you. Give them a rest. Abuse another number.

Jeez, I haven’t been this worked up since my ‘What’s your least favorite word’ rant. :)

Also, Pi is a number I’m not fond of. It just seems like a whiney bitch of a number to me.

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I really don’t like to 69.

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I like 69.hmmm Don’t like the number 3.

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The three numbers that I truly detest are all so absurdly large that it impossible to represent them with the resources available in our galaxy, even if there were time enough before the sun devours the earth. You may, however, be able to recognize them by their nicknames: “a,” “x^2,” and “the googolplexth iteration of the Ackermann function beginning from the number of the beast.”

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No, all my dislike of numbers is perfectly explicable. (Thank you, ordinal-linguistic personification!) Mine seems to be the flip of @perg,‘s though. All the numbers I have any real issue with are even. Except 2. 2 is all right. And I agree on 7; it makes me a bit nervous and it’s the only odd number that does.

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I don’t see how people can not like 7. 7 is associated with magic power and luck, and in the Bible, it’s the number of complete perfection. 7 is life. :)

7 has always been my favorite single-digit number. It’s a green number (I have synesthesia) and green is my favorite color; it’s actually the exact shade of green that I like the most.

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I have no problem with the number 13 & it’s frankly ludicrous association with “bad luck.” Mine & my daughters birthdate see. However I don’t like the number 7…..why? Because it’s a greedy little bugger 7…..8…...9 (seven ate nine) Oh please yourself :¬)

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Eight is not one of my favorites… probably because I was absent from school during the multiplication table lesson for 8, and never really did manage to learn it properly. My favorite number is 3.

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@DominicX…Pretty much every reason you just gave in favor of 7 is why I dislike/mistrust it. XD

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8 is ugly on the golf course. The evil snowman.

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I’m annoyed by my lurve total, regardless of its numerical value, because it seems to be either mocking or arguing with my beloved Fluther surname. :/

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I must admit, I really enjoyed this post, but it just doesn’t register with me why anyone would dislike a number. I’m wrecking my mind trying to figure if there is a number I do not like and I can’t come up with one.

Oh! wait a minute, I might dislike the day I die;-)

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@AmWiser Maybe this will help. I’ve always seen numbers as having facial expressions, though I never could draw a face on one because I couldn’t figure out where the features went.

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I’m a superstitious prat and I hate the number 666.

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@WillWorkForChocolate 6 is my favorite number. I’ve often wondered if that’s a sign or anything. Also, the elderly lady calling you a dyke was hilarious.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes, I rather thought it was.

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8’s my favourite number!
I don’t like 6 though. Probably just remnants of religious beliefs that 6’s represented something evil. I’m no longer religious, but just in case it’s evil, i hate it. I won’t buy loose items in 6’s, or give my kitty sweets in 6’s….things like that.

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