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What do I do with my CDs?

Asked by jaytkay (25767points) September 23rd, 2010

I am moving. They’re all ripped to iTunes. It seems silly to cart these things around. Probably two hundred discs.

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My nephew sold his in my brother’s yardsale for 1.00 each. It made me sick knowing he spent at least $10.00 on each of them, but that is all you can get for them in yard sales. Perhaps you can sell them for more on EBay?

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Just give them to your friends. It’s a pain to sell them, and they get less valuable everyday. At least that’s all I’m going to do when I’m done converting them. You take the loss. Maybe you can write the depreciation of on your taxes. That would be cool.

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Computers and iPods fail, and you could lose all your music. It happened last week to a friend of mine.

I bought a CD briefcase-like thing to hold all of mine. It takes up about 5% of the space that the discs in their cases did.

EDIT: but maybe I don’t know exactly how iTunes works. Does it store your music on a server or system of servers? Somewhere besides your own computer or music device?

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No question. Just back it all up on an external HD and you’re good. Use two external HDs if you want to really decrease the chances of loss.

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@hawaii_jake iTunes simply saves to your hard drive, your caution is valid.

@cockswain I have the files backed up, but what about the actual CDs?

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Give ‘em to me.

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@jaytkay I thought @hawaii_jake was saying you should keep the CDs in case your HD fruits out, and I was just saying to redundantly back the files up again so you can safely get rid of the CDs.

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Since we have a business copying old media to new, I did a little research into copyright laws. I am NOT a lawyer, this is NOT legal advice, it is simply my understanding of this particular aspect of copyright law so we wouldn’t run into problems in our business.

It is illegal for you to do anything except keep the discs or destroy them. You can legally make one backup digital copy of your music, but you can’t then loan or give or sell the discs to someone else and then keep the digital copy you have. It’s like a book – you have “a” book, and you can loan it or sell it or whatever, but only one person at a time can read it.

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Do not listen to @llewis.
Give them to me, I’ll rip them to my iTunes, and pass them along

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Maybe you could donate them to your library, or a hospital or something.

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I would sell/give away/donate/etc.

What I did with a lot of mine, is gave them to people who I knew it would make them happy.

I have a friend who loves Elvis. I had about five or so different discs of his, and it made me feel good to surprise her with them. She was so happy when I gave them to her! So that’s what I would do if I were you.
and with the leftovers, sell them or donate them to your nearest thrift store (:

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